What happens when you run into a mega popstar? Will he change you forever? Will he be crazy about you? Figure out what happens when Summer runs into the Justin Bieber!


3. Date!

Chapter 3

*Justin's POV*

I was almost to her house. I was so nervous! I didn't know what she liked to do but i didnt just want it to be plan boring and regular date. I wanted it to be special! When i got there she was already walking to the car. I got out and wrapped my arms around her giving her a big hug! When i did she got really red and looked down. I could tell she was really shy. Which was different for me i havent ever dated a shy girl because i am famous they are usually out going.

Justin: Hey. Are you ready?

Summer: Yeah.

I walked over to the passenger side and opened the door. She got in and i closed it. I ran over to the drivers seat. The first few minutes in the car were quiet!

Justin: Ummm..are you still in school?

She kinda jumped a little i think i scared her.

Justin: Sorry if i scared you i didnt mean to.

Summer: Its okay! and no i just graduated this year.

Justin: What college are you going to?

Summer: I havent deicided..if i am going to one or not!

I felt dumb for not even asking her if she was going to go to college first! I am so dumb!

Justin: Ohh.

Summer: I know i should have figured out by now but i havent.

The whole time we talked she looked down...she was really shy! The paparazzi wouldnt help that at all! I was pretty sure they would make it worse. Well the good part is that i now a lot more about her. Even though she didnt look at me much when she talked. She was WAY BETTER than before. Even though she was perfect when i first saw her. Her full name is Summer Dawn Clark. I was getting really nervous! She was asleep when we got there so i had to wake her up. I leaned down slowly to her face and kissed her slowly but passionate! She woke up in the middle of the kiss at first she didnt know what was going on then when she realized she kissed back!

*Summer's POV*

I feel asleep on the way there. I woke up by feeling something soft on my lips and sparks in my body. I didnt know what it was at first then i realized Justin was kissing me when i figured that out i kissed back. I had sparks in my body it was the best feeling ever! He come out of the kiss and was smiling ear to ear which made me blush. I didnt move far from my face when he said.

Justin: Hey Beautiful! We are here.

Summer: Uhh..hi..

He moved back over to his seat and got out. I was looking around trying to find where we were when the door opened. Justin handed me his hand and helped me out of the car. I couldnt believe my eyes! We were at Miami Heat's basketball arena! You guys are probably like wow thats stupid but i love basketball and The Miami Heat!

Summer: Uhh...Justin you didnt have to do this!

Justin: I would do anything thing for you!

Summer: How did you know i liked the Miami Heat or basketball?

 Justin: I didn't till you told me in the car. I love basketball and Miami Heat so i took you here!

Summer: Wow!

Justin started laughing and i got embarrassed so i looked down at the ground! I HATE being shy but that is my personalty so i have to deal with it.

*Justin's POV*

I was SO HAPPY she liked it. All my nervous vanished. I shocked her on how i planned this cause she said "Wow." I laughed on how shocked she was and she got embarrassed and looked at the ground. I brought her chin up to where she was looking me straight in the eyes.

Justin: You don't have to get embarrassed. This is what i do for girls i love.

She blushed even more. I then grabbed her hand and brought her inside. When we got in there all the lights were out. She gripped my hand a little tighter. I guess she was scared of the dark. I found the lights and turned them on. I started running dragging her with me to the middle of the court.  She was completely shocked! I gave her a big hug.

Justin: Do you like it?

Summer: I love it! Thanks Justin!

Justin: Your welcome beautiful.

I went and got a basketball. I shot a three-point and swished it. I threw her the ball and she shot right from the same spot and swished it to.

Justin: Woah..Someones got skill in the house!

She just started blushing. We shot around for a long time. Then i took her hand and brought her in the stands and just walked around randomly. The lights went out she screamed and i wanted to go hug her and comfort her but i had to stick to the plan. The lights came back on and she walked around yelling my name. Then she came around the corner.

Justin: BOO!!

Summmer: AHHHHHH!! Get away from me!

Justin: I am sorry baby! I didn't mean to scare you that much!

I wrapped my arms around her and kissed her hair. She tried getting out of my grip but i was stronger. Then i let her go and she started runnning so i chased after her.

Justin: Where are you going?

She never answered but she ran to the court and stopped and just stood in thee middle of it. I walked slowly over there  and gave her a hug.

Justin: I am sorry!

Summer: Its okay.

Then LeBron James and Dwyane Wade walked in. She was in total shock! We talked to them for a while and then around 11 we went back to the car. The car ride to her house was silent. When we got there i ran over to her door and opened it.

Justin: Thanks for going on the date! I had the best time with you!

Summer: Your welcome.

I kissed her on the cheek. Then she got out and went inside. I got in my car and handed home.

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