The front line

Emma is spending the summer at her grandparents. What was supposed to be a boring day turns out to be the journey to her past. She travels in time through a series of notebooks belonging to A. Parke and C. Rexach whom lived during World War 1. What will she encounter in her journey back in time?

That's up to you to find out...


1. Prologue


 My grandmother had always enjoyed telling us, her grandchildren, about her grandparents. But then, there came a time in life when we thought those stories were just... stories. Nothing else.

  This one particular summer, my brother Andrew and I had gone out of our wits to prank each other. This got to such a state that our mother decided we needed breaking down. That meant summer at grandma's. I don't know if you agree, but back then, to my siblings and I, it was the worse thing ever. We would spend the time at Isle Emily, our grandparent's estate in Key West.

  Yep, the beach was right there, in front of us. We were allowed one hour a day to go there. My cousins from California headed East, Andrew and I headed South, way South from Maine. It was this one day were it was too wild outside to leave the house. We had played every board game, lost charge in electronics,and the power had run out. 

  Grandma sat on the comfy chair next to a gas light with a series of notebooks at her lap. She looked down at them as if they would perish at any given moment. I walked to the room and set my cellphone aside, waiting for someone back in Maine to care enough of me to call. Boredom began to creep slightly over use. We all wanted to know what grandma had in store.

  Before saying anything, grandma handed over a piece of paper. When it reached my hands, I saw it was an old photo. It was of two people, a woman in a richly decorated dress, and a man in uniform. I looked at the photo, at those people, so distant, but yet so close. They were laughing, for real, like someone snapped the photo and gave it to them later. It was still very emotional, like neither of them could live without the other.

  I looked at it for sometime. I couldn't get over the fact that I somehow knew them. I turned the photo to the back, 1917; C. Rexach; & A. Parke; Verdun, France. It was taken during World War 1! I looked at Grandma, I wanted to know the story of those people.

  You'd be surprised to know that those notebooks held the diaries of War Time. Actually, the diaries of those two people on the photo. And grandma, my cousins, my brother and I embarked on a journey...



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