Dear you.

This is for the spring picture promo. But then I decided to continue writing.

The lights start to flash. Hard raindrops bring dents into the already washed screen. Lighting flashes followed by thunderous echoes. Lulu opens her mouth to scream, as the car collides.


3. new normal

Roxie’s dad came right on time and with much practice Lulu was safety in the vehicle. It had taken a lot of coxing from Lulu’s dad to let Lulu go. Giant rain- drops feel from the sky. Lulu watched with hidden fears as the rain came down harder. Roxie’s dad didn’t sense it, he just kept talking the next best cook in America. He was into that, Roxie and mentioned. Food, lots of it, and it showed. Roxie’s Dad, Jack was in his late forties. Charcoal hair with light dusting of grey. Showing signs of balding in the next couple of years. A plump guy for sure, but well kept, all thanks to Roxie and her mom. They made sure his socks matched and his tie was straight on. Jack worked at meat store. He specialized in jerky, but Lulu hasn’t tired it yet, Roxie thought that was wise. Lulu sighed as the rain started to calm down. They soon reached the house, and Lulu’s stomach had all sorts of nots in it again. Jack parked and grabbed her chair. Once it was ready to go, he ever so softly placed her in the chair.

    “All settled?” 

    “Yeah, thanks Mr. McCormick.”

    “Alright, lets get inside, My wife has made on delicious pie you just have to try.” Mr. McCormick continued to talk about spices and fillings, but all Lulu thought of was meeting Ryan.  After an jostled entrance, they made it inside. Mrs. McCormick came in view at the kitchen and was cutting the pie. 

    “Hi Lulu, glad you could come over. Roxie and Ryan are in the living room.”

    “Nice to see you Mrs. McCormick, and thanks for having me over.” Lulu replied and wheeled herself towards that living room. Distant voices ahead confirmed that Roxie’s two younger brothers were there. Dylan, who was  six saw her and smiled. 

    “Lulu is here!” He exclaimed and came around to Lulu and quickly wheeled her in. 

    “Dylan! Be careful!” Roxie said as she followed close behind.  “Sorry Lulu, I don’t think he is ever going to stop doing that.”

    “Don’t worry about it. It keeps me normal.” Lulu said smiling. Lulu looked up as she saw Ryan sitting on the couch. His expression was one Lulu had come accustomed to. The eyes were the first to fall, then then mouth would make this soft frown and then the eyes would dart about. Roxie noticed the discomfort and pushed Lulu toward the chair. Paul, who was a junior in high school helped lift Lulu to the chair. Lulu smiled softly and Paul smiled back appreciating her thank you. Roxie was the first to speak. 

    “Ryan this is am amazing friend, Lulu.” Roxie said while sitting down. Hey was all he said. No hey with a smile just hey. He hid his eyes as they moved in a pattern on the ground. 

    “Let me go see if my mom has some refreshments.” Roxie said and her brothers followed. 

    “Roxie didn’t tell you, did she? Sorry to disappoint.” Lulu said. 

    “No, it is alright. Yeah, Roxie didn’t tell me back that is okay.” Ryan replied. He looked up at her briefly but when their eyes locked he glanced away quickly. 

    “You don’t have to feel bad. Besides I’m not dying or anything. I just can’t walk.” Lulu said rather harshly. She didn’t mean for it to sound mean but he was acting a little ridiculous. 

“Right, right.” He said shifting in his seat. “It is just Roxie she- No this all makes sense.” He was nervous, Lulu picked up on that pretty quick. Roxie came back in with what looked like lemonade. 

    “So since it is raining, my dad can’t make burger. It might take a little longer. But that is okay right?” Roxie asked as she placed the drink on the table. 

    “Yeah, that is totally fine.” 

    “Good, so what did I miss?” Roxie asked. Lulu smiled and looked at Ryan he was looking down again. 

    “I was just telling Ryan how my legs don’t work properly. You must have forgotten that bit of information.” Lulu responded. Ryan looked to Roxie for answers but she just shrugged. 

    “I figured it didn’t matter. Legs or no legs you are still on amazing person.


The evening continued to get better. Ryan seemed to relax or maybe it was just that Lulu didn’t care anymore what he thought of her. The game was catchphrase and to make teams easy they got Dylan to play. Paul was too busy and then the teams would be off. Roxie and Ryan were on a team and then obviously Dylan and Lulu were on a team. There were lots of laughs and some frustrated glances back and forth. Roxie’s mom announced after an hour that the meals was ready. Ryan followed Roxie into the kitchen, but Dylan race ahed of both. Lulu smiled at the banter between sister and brother. Dylan came racing back quicker then he left and place a plate in front of Lulu. 

    “Thanks Dylan. Looks good, remember to tell you mom.” Lulu said and smiled. Ryan came in soon after and sat down. 




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