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This is for the spring picture promo. But then I decided to continue writing.

The lights start to flash. Hard raindrops bring dents into the already washed screen. Lighting flashes followed by thunderous echoes. Lulu opens her mouth to scream, as the car collides.


2. Heavy Hearts

Chapter 2~ Heavy Hearts



    The day seemed to drag on as it normally did. The rain that splattered on Lulu’s rain hat now soaked into her shirt as she reached the dry floor.  Lulu didn’t have many classes with Roxie however they were both delighted to find out they had lunch together. During their hospital stays they had found they went to the same high school. It was just that they lived in different circles of statues. Once Lulu came home after the accident, Lulu and Roxie tried to mesh their friends together. However, their friends were too different and Lulu and Roxie instead became two peas in a pod. Roxie continued to take up the conversations at lunch. Roxie was like a motor, there was never a topic under the moon that she didn’t talk about. It was like she had the energy of a 5 year old and her steam rarely ran out. She was late to class most days because she didn’t eat lunch. Lulu envied her new friend’s source of life. She didn’t tread on the sadness, but then again she wasn’t bound to a wheelchair.  It was easier for Lulu to be brave in the hospital bed, it was there where her strength seemed. But when the soft comfort left her, and Lulu went back home.  Lulu shuddered at her fears rise up, she needed to be brave, it wasn’t a life sentence just a re-direction. Still Roxie caught her friend’s ever so soft shake and asked if she was alright. 

    “Yeah, sorry Roxie. Just lost in my own thoughts.” Though Lulu’s response was innocent enough Roxie looked carefully and her friend’s features. Roxie was grateful of the friend she had. There was such bravery in Lulu the night of the accident. Roxie watched as they reeled in Lulu’s badly beaten body from the stormy night’s accident.  Roxie saw the silent shouts she cried as the nightmares tormented her through the night.  However, come morning as the reality sunk in. Lulu raised her head, pushed down the tears and nodded to the doctors. The next thing Roxie knew she was being wheeled in beside Lulu. When Roxie asked why, the nurse said she had be requested by Lulu. Baffled Roxie turned to Lulu and asked why, since she hardly knew the person. Lulu simply replied. “There is no sense not making friends, regardless of their current circumstances.” Ever since then they were the best of friends. As Roxie looked over her friend now, she wanted to see that bravery yet, the light seemed dim for awhile. The changing of location was rough on Lulu and then it seemed the spark in her friend was gone.  Two months seemed like a long time, yet it only took one day at school to discard any hope of bringing that light back. Roxie can still remember the first day they went back. Lulu sobbed in the bathroom, Roxie found her. There was no way to get away from them. The charitable glances, and downcast heads, where like pricks to Lulu’s heartache. The laughter she was once circled in, she now heard from afar. The latest parties, was something she never reclaimed. Roxie reassured her they would make new plans. 


    “Well, I will take no hidden thoughts. Come on Lulu, cheer up. The rain will soon stop. Plus remember tonight you are coming to my house.” 

    “Roxie you are too good to me.” 

    “Ahh, nothing to it. Just want to see the spark of the person I saw in the hospital back.”

    “I am sorry Roxie.”

    “I understand. Come one now, it is two minutes till the bel will ring and me and you will be trampled. Don’t forget you aren’t the only one with problems. Doc told me I have to stay within a good distance from people just so my head isn’t jostled.” 

    “Roxie, you know you don’t have to take me to each class.”

    “And why ever not? I get the best of both worlds. You carry my books as I sail through the halls ridding on your wheels. Then on the rare chances I am late, Mr. Brosh can’t say no to me. I say just a wee bit of my head trauma and he swallows his blabbering and writes off my detentions. You see Lulu, it is fine.” Roxie smiled as she wheeled Lulu through the halls. Lulu had insisted that if Roxie was to carry on with helping Lulu that Lulu would carry the books.  Once Roxie got Lulu settled in, which wasn’t that hard,  Roxie was off.  However, today they were quite early as the bell rang two minutes later. 



     The rain stopped midway through lunch, and the sun broke through. By the time her mom picked her up from school the mud had dried and it wasn’t that difficult to get to the van. Her mom gave her a weak smile before helping her in. Everyday in and out, she knew her mom was hurting for her. But each time Lulu tried to explain it wasn’t her mom’s fault for any of it. It had been raining really hard, She had pushed her to wanting to got to this party. They were fighting, and the raining was making it difficult to see and the car came out at the wrong time. It passed the stop sign because it couldn't see the rain. Lulu sighed as they drove home. All it ever did was rain now, and each time, she knew she wasn't the only who thought of that night. She knew her mom felt the same pain, each time a rain drop feel from the sky.

     "I am going to Roxie's tonight. Her dad is coming to pick me up." Lulu said once they were home. Her mom busied herself in the kitchen as if she didn't here. "Her friend Ryan is visiting. Says he wants to meet me." Lulu said again. Her mom poured the tea in two cups and sat down in the chair opposite of Lulu.

     "That is nice. What time are they going to pick you up?"

      "Seven -thirty. Her dad is going to grill so, I won't need to eat." Lulu replied and took a sip."Tea is good. You can tell fall is in the air. Her mom smiled for the first time and Lulu decided to keep talking. "Today Mrs. Janzen had her Autumn decorations up. It really looked nice."  

    "Yes, I suppose it did."

    "We should get ours out." Lulu said waiting for her mom to reply. Her mom's behavior didn't surprise her, she was having a sad day, but it was up to Lulu to cheer her up. "Hey mom, what if tomorrow we get the decorations out. Just me and you. My last class of the day, is worthless. The teacher is having a sub come in. You could write me a note. We could even do some baking. Please say yes mom!"

    "That really is a wonderful idea. We could even make some pumpkin bread. Your father would love that." Her mom smiled and quickly got up. She was gone for a while but when she returned she had paper and a pencil with her.  

    "Let's invite Jake over. He hasn't been here in awhile. You know how much he loves being home when the decorations are up.  We could make a meal." Lulu said getting excited. Jake was her older brother. He was now a teacher, and living an hour away. She hadn't seen him in awhile.

    "I don't know, Lulu. This might be out a the blue for him, he might be busy."  

    "Well we will call him now. Yes, you do that and I will start on our list." Lulu exclaimed and gently pushed her phone closer to her mom. Reluctantly her mom grabbed the phone and called him. 


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