Then I met You...

"Just stop, I don't need you to do this... I don't need to be rescued!" she said with a tear slipping down her pink cheek.

His green eyes stared lovingly into hers as he wiped the tear away with his hand.
"I've learned in my life that you can't save people, you can only love them."


1. I have to get out.

     Katherine suddenly looked at the clock above the kitchen stove and realized how late in the day it was getting. Ben would be home in an hour and she still had to make dinner. She got up from the kitchen chair and pushed it in, making sure that it was lined perfectly with the table, just the way Ben liked it. Kate looked around the room and spotted the home phone in the charger right where it should be, she ran and snatched it from the adapter then dialed his work phone.

Ring, Ring... 

Ring, Ring...


     Just as she thought the phone was going to voicemail she heard his voice on the other end of the line.

"Kate, is that you?" Ben had always called her Kate, she never knew why, but after 3 years of marriage she got used to it and grew to like her little pet nickname...

"Yes, sorry..." He cut her of

"You were supposed to call me an hour ago." Kate could hear to anger in his tone.

"I'm really sorry darling, i was in the shower... and when i got out it must have slipped my mind." She crossed her fingers and prayed that he would buy her excuse.

"Just don't let it happen again." Kate nodded as if Ben were watching her.

"Well how was... i mean, how is work?" 

"Boring really. I am still digging around to find a good story." Ben had been a journalist ever since Kate had known him. He was so good at it most likely because he was always good at finding things out. He had this natural instinct where he could tell if a person went left or right, He could be a detective if he wanted to, he always knew when someone was lying or telling the truth...

"Oh well i hope you find one soon, Anyways... is there anything special you want for dinner?"

"Spaghetti does sound quite tempting..." You could hear his deep chuckle.

"Okay, i'll have it for you when you walk in the door."

"Okay i'll see you in awhile, Oh and by the way i'm going to be late today. I have to hold a meeting so it might take alittle longer than normal." Kate smiled in relief, One of the perks of your husband being the head of "The Advocate" is that he has to attend every business meeting. 

"Oh.. well i'll see you then I Love you..." She said in her sweetest loving wife voice.

"Love you too, bye." Kate hit the end button and laid the phone down on the kitchen counter top.

      She grabbed her apron out of a kitchen drawer and started to boil water, and prepare dinner. Kate decided that she was going to make Spaghetti, Garlic Bread, and a caesar salad. Then she went to the basement, opened the wine chiller and grabbed a bottle of Kistler Vine 2003 Chardonnay and headed upstairs. She put the bottle on the kitchen island and strained the noodles, then took the sauce off of the stove. The Oven timer had only 3 minutes left to cook the bread so in that time she through the salad together and put it in an appropriate dish, with the wood salad tongs, The oven timer went off so she took it out and placed it on top of the stove smiling at how perfectly browned the edges of the crust were and the smell of the food that evaded the room. Last thing she did was put the sauce on the spaghetti and throw her handmade meatballs on top of it and the dinner was complete.

     Kate did all the dishes and put them all away in all the right drawers, Ben hated it when anything was out of place. She swept the floors, washed the top of the stove, cleaned the bathroom, and finally made her way into their pristine bedroom. She picked out a red v-neck dress and a pair of nude pumps. Ben always wanted Kate to dress sexy around him, she couldn't remember the last time she actually wore a sweatshirt in front of him, she was frightened to. After she put the outfit on she did a load of laundry and did her hair, and then she heard the garage door open. Kate panicked hoping she hadn't forgotten to do anything, she looked left and right... backtracking, and poking her head into every room in the house making sure that everything was in place and pristine. She sighed and made sure that the forks were set on the right side of the plates and everything was perfect... then she saw the phone sitting on the kitchen island. She bolted over to it and put it on the charger just as Ben walked through the front door, mumbling things under his breath. Kate ran over to him and grabbed his jacket and hung it on the coat hanger, and slid his work shoes into the closet making sure that everything was in place.

"Hi honey how was work." Kate kissed him on the cheek.

"Terrible. But how would you know you have never had to work a goddamn day in your life." He scoffed and poured himself a glass of wine. She just avoided his eye contact and shakily put some spaghetti on the blue plates that he had gotten her for their anniversary. He didn't say anything and just drank his wine and poured himself a second glass.

"I washed the bed sheets when you left just like you asked..." She gave him a limp smile and he didn't look up.

"I shouldn't have had to ask you in the first place..." Kate tried to say something but he cut her off.

"You know i do everything, i work all day long.. and you can't even wash fucking bed sheets without me having to remind you. I shouldn't have to put up with that. Why can't i just come home and relax without having to remind you over and over again to do things!" He yelled the last couple of words at her and she just stared blankly at her plate of spaghetti. They ate the rest of the meal in silence, and then Kate got up and put her dishes in the sink, rinsing them until she saw no flaws and then she put them away in the cupboard. She walked over to the table and sat back down.

"So what was the meeting about?" She played with her hands afraid to look him in the eyes.

"Nothing really, just tuning all the last minute details for sundays paper." He drank the last of his third glass of wine glass, then got up and grabbed a pack of beer from the fridge.

"Are you done with you food Ben?"

"What do you think, theres nothing on the plate! For gods sakes Kate use your head." She silently swept the dishes off of the table and put them in the sink and started to run the faucet, then put all of the leftovers in ziplock baggies for later on if Ben wanted to have a home cooked meal for lunch at work. She ran over to the sink and turned off the running water then cleaned all the plates scrubbing them until they were better than when she bought them. She turned around and felt her elbow hit a wine glass off of the counter, and before she could grab it, she heard the sound of the glass shattering onto the kitchen tile, leaving sparkling shards and pieces surrounding her feet. Kate panicked.

"What the hell was that!" Ben yelled from the other room, Kate's cheeks flushed and she started to pick up all the pieces off of the floor as she heard footsteps approach her. When they stopped she felt her heart sink.

"i-i tried to grab it before it fell. I'm so sorry ben, it w-won't happen again." She could feel herself shaking as she stood up and looked him in the eyes trying to make her tremors not obvious to his keen observation. She saw his pale brown eyes stare at her, she could almost feel his anger. Before she could duck she felt his hand sharply strike across her cheek making her fall to the ground, her hands came down trying to break her fall and as soon as her palms made contact with the ground she felt the glass stabbing into her hands. She yelped in pain... trying not to cry, it only made it worse when ben saw her cry.

"What the hell kate! I can't even leave you alone for a fucking minute before you go and break something! That wine glass was at least 40 dollars, you're such a goddamn clutz. Of course you don't care though do you... you don't have to pay for shit! All you do all day is sit around! I pay the bills! I do everything for you, you're so selfish!" He spat the words into her face and she shuddered in pain noticing the little pool of blood around her hands. She didn't respond and just sat there.

"Talk to me!" He yelled yanking her by her arm up from the ground...

"I'm s-s-sorry." She stuttered trying to stand up straight. He pushed her back and she ran for the bedroom door as quick as her legs could carry her, she violently kicked off her heels trying to make them fall in front of Ben causing him to slow down but he hoped over them and bolted after her. She grabbed the door and tried to swing it shut but Ben started to pull from the other side..

"Let go you selfish bitch!" He yelled yanking the door, but Kate put up a fight and pulled from the other side. Ben forced the door towards her trying to make her lose her grip but she got stuck in between the door and Kate could hear the crack in her as the door forcefully closed on her foot. She screamed falling to the floor and trying to grab her foot, but she immediately let go because of the glass in her palms. Kate felt Ben's foot ram into her lower back and it knocked the wind out of her. She gasped for air... trying her hardest to fight the tears. She bit her lip holding them to her eyes. He walked out of the room muttering things under his breath and slamming the door behind him so hard that Kate felt the ground shake. She finally knew he was not going to come in again for a while so she let the tears flood down her face, she could feel them sting her cheek that was still raw from the hit she took earlier in the kitchen. Kate forced herself into a sitting position feeling her lower back cry, but she ignored it and got up on one leg. She was not going to step on the other one because she knew it was broken. She hopped into the master bathroom and started to run the sink. Kate looked at her hands for the first time and saw all the little shards of glass buried in her red swollen hands she cringed and put one under the scorching hot water pulling out every little shard with a tweezer. The pain became too much to bare but she didn't dare scream, she didn't want Ben to hear her, so she grabbed the towel off of the hanger and bit it pulling out all the pieces watching the sink water turn pink. All the glass was finally out, and her hands weren't bleeding as bad as they were before. she wrapped them in gauze then limped painfully into the kitchen and finished picking up glass and the dishes. Her hands felt as though they were going to fall off.

     She was finishing up the last dish when she heard Ben walk up behind her, she heard him sniffle and knew he was crying. He cried every time after her was done throwing her around like a rag doll. She refused to turn around and look him in the eyes. Ben grabbed her around the waist and hugged her from behind, she could feel him push his body up against hers and she wanted to push him away, but as much as she wanted to she knew she couldn't.

"I am so sorry Katy Kat." He mumbled into her ear. She felt his hot tears on her shoulder, she wanted to hit him right then and run but instead she turned around and kissed him.

"I know, i know..." She hugged him disgusted and tried to comfort him. Then he kissed her and forced his tongue into her mouth. She wanted to cry but she knew it would be foolish, so didn't do anything and felt his wandering hands slide down her back that was aching and tender. She knew she had to play along and kissed him back.

     Ben grabbed her off of her feet and carried her to their room tearing the dress from her body and revealing the bruise on her back, Kate was so perfect. He had fallen in love with her because of it. She was an angel with her blue eyes and brown hair, and her body. He caressed her and kissed all the bruises. Then he laid her down and ran his hands down her bare skin.

     Kate cringed as he forced himself inside of her. Her back cried, and her hands were on fire... but she had to, she didn't know what he would do if she protested, so she laid there and took it. WHen he was finished she watched him grab pajamas out of his dresser and crawled under the sheets. As soon as she knew he was sleeping she let the hot tears run down her face, and in that moment she realized she had to get out... she had to leave.

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