Then I met You...

"Just stop, I don't need you to do this... I don't need to be rescued!" she said with a tear slipping down her pink cheek.

His green eyes stared lovingly into hers as he wiped the tear away with his hand.
"I've learned in my life that you can't save people, you can only love them."


3. Gig Harbor.

     Kate woke to a man shaking her shoulder she gasped waking up from her nightmare and jolted back in her seat thinking that Ben had found her, that everything was over. Kates eyes became in focus and then she realized it was just the bus driver...


"Mam, wake up were at the end of the line." Kate composed herself and then looked out of the foggy window and saw the sign that read Welcome to Pittsburgh. SHe thanked him and slowly got off of the bus stepping into the city like it was an entire different world.

     The entire city was a roaring busy city. Cars rushed by and she couldn't seem to think straight. Everything was a wild blur, but it was most likely because she just woke up. Her stomach began to ache and she realized that she hadnt eaten anything in 10 hours. Her stomach growled so she walked across a road to a McDonalds then looked for another bus station or something that could take her farther than where she was now. Kate knew that she had to go a place where Ben would not ever assume to find her, She counted her cash. She had $463 left. She had enough for a plane ticket.

     Kate whistled and a taxi pulled over.

"Take me to the airport." She said flinging her duffle bag onto the seat next to her. THe driver asked her for 30$ so she handed it to him and stared out the window blankly letting the dark thoughts of what might happen cloud her head. It took about twenty minutes to get to the airport, SHe thanked the taxi driver and stepped out feeling a small drop of rain splatter on the tip of her nose, she looked up at the gray cloudy sky and heard thunder in the distance. Just my luck, she thought to herself. It became erie and calm and then suddenly it started to downpour. She ran into the main doors of the airport and looked up at the flight boars. She looked for the farthest flight, the flight that seemed the least likely for Katherine Jenney would never consider getting on. then she saw it... Washington. But the flight left in 15 minutes.

     She ran through security and got her ticket and made it onto the ramp just as the plane was about to take off. Kate slid her bag into the overhead compartment and then went to her seat that was back in coach. It had been years since Kate flew on a plane coah style. Ben would never dare let her sit anywhere else then in the finest, and to say the least it felt more normal this way. The plane ride was supposed to be 8 hours, not to mention the 30 minute delay because of the terrible weather. Finally when the plane took off Kate was able to let her guard down, She lay there staring out the window watching the lights of the city slowly disappear into the atmosphere. Time crawled by, and she just looked at the dark night sky thinking things over way more than she was supposed to. Normally her mind would wander into the cold memories of her past, but this time she thought about the day her and Ben got married.


     Ben stared at Kate as she made her way down the aisle. The girl with dark brown curls, and eyes blue enough to pierce a mans heart. She smiled, and seemed to float like an angel. Everyone turned around and stared at her, intoxicated by her presence. Her cheeks flooded with the color of pink icing and all she could look at where his eyes. When she stopped at the end of the aisle he reached out his hand and she gratefully took it, those many years ago Benjamin Jenney was a different man.

 "Do you Katherine take Benjamin George Jenney, to be your lawfully wedded husband. To have and to hold, to love and to cherish, in sickness and in health. As long as you both shall live." I do she replied sliding a gold band onto his finger.

"Do you Benjamin take Katherine Grace Thatcher, to be your lawfully wedded wife. To have and to hold, to love and to cherish, in sickness and in health. As long as you both shall live." I do, a smirk grew acrossed how face and Kate smiled back.

"I now pronounce you man and wife, you may kiss the bride."


     Kate woke up from the dream and she was still facing the plane window. The only thought that crossed her mind was, What would she be if she wouldn't have said those two words?

"Fasten your seatbelts ladies and gentlemen we will be arriving in Washington in shortly. It is going to be 5:42 am when we land, have a great rest of your day."

     Kate strapped the seat belt on and then her ears started to ache as she started to see buildings once again. They flew into the airport and Kate ran for the exit as soon as the captain announced that they were safe to leave. She stepped into the airport and looked out of the terminal window. The outside was so green and rain was drizzling down all the windows. The next few days she needed to find a job, and most important a place to live.

     Stepping outside of the airport the air smelled earthy and pure. It felt alive and clean. Kate was left with $250 and she decided that she was in the right place but she wanted to get as remote as possible.  Then she saw it, a sign... litterally.

"Gig Harbor, Paradise in its simplest form." The billboard read.

     Kate smiled and looked at the picture of the island. It was perfect. She found a man walking on the sidewalk and asked him how to get there.

"Gig harbor... You have to go to the dock in town and the ferry will take straight there. The dock should not be too hard to find, there are street signs that will lead you to it." 

"Oh thanks, and how long of a walk would it be to the dock from here?" Kate asked smiling.

"Oh its gonna be pretty far. I can just give you a ride if you'd like, its right on the way to my house." He smiled back at her and they walked to his car.

"Im Jake by the way. What are you doing in Gig Harbor anyways?" He asked pulling out of the airport. Kate looked out the window at the green landscape.

"Starting over." Those words made her smile.

"I don't think i caught your name?" Jake looked back at her through his rear view mirror.

"Ummm." Kate knew she couldn't use her real name anymore, that would lead Ben straight back to her. "Grace..." she looked out the window and saw a sign that read 'Harper Bro's Towing'

"Grace Harper." She smiled at him and he gave her a grin.

"Well Grace Harper since your new around the area you can always find me if you need help. Ive been living here ever since i was born." They stayed silent the rest of the rise and then they turned into a giant dock that had a little white ferry waiting with people filling onto it.

"Thanks Jake." She said opening the door and grabbing her bag out of the back seat.

"Any time Grace." She shut the door and waved as he pulled out of the lot. She turned around and walked towards the big boat. There was a big sign that said 'Towing Fee $45 dollars' She unzipped the front pocket of her bag and pulled out two twenties and paid at the booth. 

     The boat ride was shaky and the entire time she felt like she was going to throw up. The feeling of the boat jerking back and forth made her nauseous. Finally she saw it, there were sailboats left and right and houses lining the dark pure blue lake. There sight of it was breathtaking. 'Welcome to Gig Harbor." A sign read as they pulled up to the dock. She got off and stepped onto the flimsy boards. and saw a restaurant that rested on the shore. Her stomach began to growl so she made her way towards the little dinner.

     Immediately when she walked in she was greeted by a waitress who seemed to be the same age as herself with short black hair. She looked at Kate as if she were studying her.

"Now why haven't i seen you around here before." She said walking over and staring.

"Oh i'm new in town." Kate looked down at the ground and stared at her shoes.

"Thats all i get?" The woman said handing her a menu and guiding her to a booth.

"Oh my name is Grace Harper."

"Well nice to meet you with Grace, my name is Dixie." She poured her a glass of water, and walked away. Grace smiled and laughed at how preppy Dixie was. She had never seen anything like her.

     Dixie came back and took her order then walked away, and thats when Grace saw him. He was sitting at the counter looking right at her. Grace quickly turned away and then looked back at him his eyes were still locked on her. WHen Dixie brought her meal she ate quietly hoping he wasn't still looking. She finished and left Dixie a tip on the table and started to walk out when she once again saw the boy looking at her. she quickly turned around.

"What?" Grace asked looking at him confused

"What do you mean what?" He said playfully standing up and walking to her.

"What i mean is why are you staring at me?"

"Because, i haven't seen you around here before." He said smiling towering a good 6 inches above her.

"Why does it matter if im from around here or not?" Grace snapped glaring at him.

"It doesnt, its just that yours is a face that i wouldn't forget." He gave her a cheeky grin and she half smiled at the compliment.

"I'm Harry by the way." He said reaching a hand out to her.

"Grace." She smiled and shook it.

"Can we maybe start over with a cup of coffee?" He said gesturing towards her booth.

"Normally i would love to but i just flew in from philadelphia and i need a day to pull myself back together, sorry." He just nodded.

"Well ill see you around then Grace?" He asked.

"Count on it." Grace walked out of the restaurant and felt subtle butterflies in her stomach. Dixie was taking out the trash and walking back in and she stopped Grace...

"So where are you headed to?" Dixie asked.

"I don't know actually." Grace gave her a weak smile.

"Are you perhaps hiring?" Grace asked hoping that the answer was yes.

"Actually we really need help right now, so you have any previous experience?" Dixie asked.

"No but i'm really good at balancing plates and cooking." Grace gave her a weak smile.

"Good enough for me, when can you come in."

"Full Time?" Grace asked and Dixie smiled wide.

"Your hired." Dixie laughed and started to walk back into the building.

"Be here 6 sharp tomorrow morning, and don't be late!" Grace smiled

"I won't let you down Dixie!" She yelled after her.

     Life in Gig Harbor was starting to look promising.



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