Then I met You...

"Just stop, I don't need you to do this... I don't need to be rescued!" she said with a tear slipping down her pink cheek.

His green eyes stared lovingly into hers as he wiped the tear away with his hand.
"I've learned in my life that you can't save people, you can only love them."


2. Free

    The next morning Kate woke up with only a thin white sheet covering only the lower half of her body. She was sleeping on her stomach, and she would have stayed sleeping if the sun hadn't been shining so bright through the window. She smiled at the warmth shining on her pink cheeks. It had been a month and a half since the wine glass incident. Ben refused to take her to the hospital until the bruises disappeared finally 4 weeks ago he gave in seeing the pain she was experiencing, and she wore a big boot on her shattered foot up until two days ago. She promised herself that the moment she got that cast taken off she would run as fast and as far as she could. She had been saving up money little by little ever since he first laid his hand on her, and now she had just barely  enough for a bus ticket and a few weeks of support. The day was here and she knew that after he left for work she would never have to be touched by Benjamin Jenney ever again.

     She realized the time and got out of bed to serve Ben his breakfast. She decided that she was going to make hand squeezed orange juice and pancakes, he always loved the way her pancakes tasted. When she was finished she put the dishes away making sure that they were flawless. He ate, washed up... and then kissed her on the cheek goodbye. The feeling of his lips burned her delicate skin, it felt like he was branding her, like she wasn't even his wife she was his property. He wouldn't let her leave the house, he watched her as if she was nothing but a trophy. He would come home and hit her and push her if things weren't perfect, she had felt trapped for so many years, he never cared if she cried. He never cared about her at all.

    His car pulled slowly out of the driveway and she waved goodbye to him blowing him a kiss with a fake grin on her face. She waited 5 minutes to make sure he didn't forget anything. The clock read 7:05 so she ran into their bedroom and stepped on the floor boards and then heard the one that sounded slightly hollow. She fell to her knees and lifted the board up revealing 500 dollars and a hair dye kit. She grabbed the money and the dye and scrambled into their bathroom.

     She stood in front of their mirror looking at her beautiful long brown hair that fell to her lower back. She brushed it out and then mixed all the bleach into a bowl. She grabbed the dye brush and slapped the color onto her hair covering every single strand. She waited 30 minutes and then washed it out. The room smelt strongly of chemicals and with a tear running down her cheek she grabbed the scissors off of the sink. Her hair fell to the floor, she burst into tears and just cut and cut until her hair was to her shoulders. SHe stared at her reflection in the mirror and a platinum blonde stranger stared back. SHe grabbed her makeup bag and started to slap on a thick layer of eyeliner, something that Kathrine Jenney would have never done. Then she rubbed a deep red lipstick on her pale lips and became unrecognizable.

     Katherine scrubbed down the bathroom floors and made sure every hair was removed from the cold white tile. She literally hosed down the room with air freshener hoping he wouldn't smell the chemicals in the empty house. She took one last look at herself before she left. Her now shoulder length hair gave her a whole new appearance  She pulled herself together grabbed the money her already pre packed duffle bag and waited in the kitchen until 3:00. The time that Ben always called. She knew she couldn't leave without answering the call otherwise he could become suspicious.

(Ring Ring)


     She waited for the phone to ring three times before she nervously picked it up. 

"Hello darling, hows work?" She said with the shaking phone pressed to her cheek.

"Terrible. Just wanted to check in and tell you that i want wild rice soup tonight." She pretended to smile thinking that he was somehow watching her.

"Okay i'll see it done love you babe." She made a kissy noise into the speaker and hung up, and put it back onto the charger. She prayed that her voice was convincing.

   She inspected every room and made sure everything was pristine, Even though she knew it wouldn't matter if it was clean or not it was just a habit by now i guess. She went to the kitchen counter and called the county bus station. The next bus that left from Vermont was at  4:55 to and it was to philadelphia, the time was 4:20 and the bus station was only ten minutes away from where she lived she thanked him and then walked with the duffle bag to utilities room in the basement and unscrewed the nozzle on the propane tank. She knew what she was doing, she knew she could have just left... but she also knew that if she just left Ben would know and he would find her. so she had to leave with absolutely no trace of her existence. She had about 7 minutes to get out and get far enough away. She ran up the stairs from the basement and lit a candle on the kitchen table and saw the small framed picture of them at their wedding Bens dark eyes seemed to stare into her soul, she scowled and threw it on the floor watching it shatter into a million peices, Then she ran as fast as she could out of the front door, she knew the neighbors were gone at this exact time, she had been studying their daily patterns from her kitchen window for three years. She took one last look at the little white house that she had loved with all her soul and then turned around without a second glance. She got two blocks away when she heard the explosion. SHe looked back and saw tall orange and red flames that seemed to touch the sky with a cloud of thick black smoke forming around it. She was sad, and yet she felt relieved.

    She made it to the station at 4:50 and got on the bus just in time before the driver closed the doors and pulled out of the lot. SHe grabbed a seat in the very back and put her head down, she was scared but she finally was feeling that maybe there was hope, maybe she was free.


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