Then I met You...

"Just stop, I don't need you to do this... I don't need to be rescued!" she said with a tear slipping down her pink cheek.

His green eyes stared lovingly into hers as he wiped the tear away with his hand.
"I've learned in my life that you can't save people, you can only love them."


4. falling in love with you.

   Grace walked around for at least an hour looking for a motel. It seemed as if she had seen every single inch of gig harbor. There were so many little shops and docks and boats, the air smelled so clean and pure. She finally sat down on a bench and gave herself a couple minutes just to take in the scenery, thats when she spotted a tiny road that took a keen eye to see. She got up and started to walk down it, intrigued by what she might find.

     It was very long, but by the time she got to the end of it a small little cottage sat at the end with a for sale sign in the lawn. It was worn down, but humble and seemed so perfect, but it definitely needed a lot of fixing .There was a small pond in the back and there was another house right next to it that seemed like it was actually occupied. Grace decided to walk to for sale house and knock on the door, no answer, and there wasn't a phone number on the sign. Out of curiosity grace walked to the other house and knocked on the door. A young woman who seemed about 25 opened it.


"Hello?" She said looking at Grace like she was an alien.

"Umm hi, my name is Grace Harper. I was wondering if you knew anything about the house next door?" The lady laughed and looked at the cottage.

"Well it hasn't been touched in years, and the couple that used to live there moved out about 12 years ago. I didn't even know anyone knew anything about it until now?" She smiled and offered for Grace to come in, Grace thanked the lady and took off her shoes when she shut the door.

"What brings you back here anyways, i'm not used to seeing anyone in my neck of the woods other than the animals." She smiled and put a kettle on the stove.

"I like to reside in quiet places where i can think." Grace smiled and looked around the home. She saw toys on the floor and guessed that the woman had children.

"Oh i'm sorry i don't think i introduced myself. I'm Isabelle." She poured the hot steaming water into two floral mugs that had tea bags in them and then handed one to Grace.

"Oh nice to meet you. Do you know if theres anyway i can contact the owners of the house next door?" Grace smiled politely and took a sip out of the mug. The tea warmed her throat and made the atmosphere seem more peaceful.

"I think i might have there number in my address book, let me check." She grabbed a little reed book out of a kitchen drawer and opened it and guided her hand down the page.

"Here it is, Angie Nevin. I can grab you a phone if you'd like." Grace nodded and then dialled the number.

The phone rang for a while and then she heard a voice say hello on the other line.

"Hi, am i speaking with Angie." Grace said in a sweet tone.

"No this is her daughter. Angie passed away years ago." She said confused.

"Oh im sorry for your loss. Im just calling about her old home in Gig Harbor..." The lady cut her off.

"Oh that old shack i almost forgot it existed." The woman laughed.

"Oh well, is it still on the market?" Grace crossed her fingers.

"You can have it, i doubt anyone else wants it." Then the lady hung up. Grace handed the phone back to Isabelle.

"Well what did she say?" Isabelle asked anxiously.

"That it was mine to keep..." Grace smiled and glanced out the living room window at the little shack next door, it was all hers.

"Well if you need anything you can just come over here and id be more than happy to help you out." Isabelle said giving Grace her coat. Grace thanked her and walked out to the property next door.

   Grace walked up the little porch steps each little splinter of wood seemed to creak beneath her small feet. She got to the front door and tried to open it, it was locked. She took a deep breath and started to walk back into town. it was only a mile and a half. She laughed at her bad luck and walked until she found the local hardware store that she saw earlier when she was exploring town. When she got into the building it smelt like paint and oil. She walked around looking for a sales person and saw no one. She made her way to the paint aisle and decided she might as well pick up a can knowing how discolored her little cottage was. She suddenly heard footsteps behind her and then heard a familiar voice.

"Oh hey there new girl." Harry said smiling and walking towards her. "What's all the paint for?" He asked looking at the colors she was picking out.

"My new house." Grace said trying to avoid his eye contact.

"And are you looking for outdoor paint?" He asked looking at all the samples.

"Both actually." She said the she showed him the color she was thinking of painting the house siding.

"Faded Orange is a very odd color are you sure thats what you want?" He said laughing at her choice.

"I want it to be unique." She smiled

"Well then i think that this white would be perfect for detailing and window boxes." She laughed. 

"Perfect. Why are you here?" She asked noticing how close they were standing, Harry realized that Grace was uncomfortable so he took a small step back.

"Just picking up some fishing line." He said shaking the spool in his hand.

"Oh that explains it." she said grabbing the right paint cans off of the shelves. They both walked to the register and paid for their things. She grabbed the three cans off of the countertop and walked out the door with him.

"Well i'll see you later Harry." Grace smiled and started walking down the road with the paint cans weighing down her arms.

"What are you doing..." He said laughing at her clumsily walking trying to hold all the paint.

"Going home." She said walking.

"Are you sure you don't need any help, i can drive you." He said gesturing to his truck unlocking it.

"Its okay..." She stumbled and then dropped the can on her foot.

"OUCH!" She yelled grabbing her sore toe. Harry giggled and grabbed the paint cans off of the ground and loaded them into the back of his truck. Then he made his way over to Grace and put his hand out and she took it as he helped her get up. She got into to passenger seat and he pulled out of the parking lot.

"Thanks again." Grace said looking out of the window. Harry smiled.

"No problem." Grace directed him to her house and he chuckled when he saw it.

"This is what you're living in." He said jumping out of the car and grabbing the paint out of the back.

"Hey don't offend it, its very sensitive." She said smiling fully taking in all the repairs that needed to be done.

"Well do you want to give me a tour?" Harry asked walking up the porch steps.

"I would love to, but i can't get in it quite yet." She said blushing and wiggling the doorknob.

"So your telling me you bought a house that you cant get into? whats the sense in doing that." He smirked and examined the lock on the door.

"Well good news Grace, This door is decaying." Harry smiled and grace gave him an odd look...

"Thats good news?" She said looking at the door and seeing the peeling paint.

"That means i can brake it down because you need a new one anyways." She half smiled and gesturing twords the door. Harry smiled and told her to stand back as he took a big step backwards and then forced his shoulder into the limp frame. The door fell instantly to the floor and made a crashing noise.

"Shall we?" Harry gestured her to take his arm and Grace laughed and linked hers in his.

     They walked into the small home and saw all the furniture was still left where it was from the previous owners. Grace walked Harry around and she shared her ideas with him and he just smiled as they discovered all the new rooms.


"Well it has potential..." Harry said playfully smiling at Grace and she gave him a smirk...

"Potential, this is going to be the most beautiful cottage in gig harbor!" Grace spun in a circle around the living room.

"The kitchen is going to have all black granite counter tops." she said rubbing the dust off of the table in the kitchen.

"And the living room is where all my ledgendary dinner partys will be held." She waltzed through and displayed it like a prize on a game show.

"All the walls are going to be filled with so many memories and pictures, youll hardly be able to see them." Grace smiled and Harry laughed at her exitement, but in the back of his head he could picture everything she was explaining clear as day.

"Grace you are really something else." Harry said laughing and looking at her blue eyes.

"Whats that supposed to mean?" She laughed looking away from his powerful stare.

"It means you special." Grace smiled and looked down at her shoes, harry just smiled at her and noticed it was getting dark outside, Grace noticed to and sighed.

"Im going to check and see if any of the lights are working." She said walking into the fornt hallway.

"Okay ill help." Harry said walking in the opposite direction.

     Grace flicked a light switch and a light bulb quickly flashed and then burnt out, she checked the rest and they were all dead. Harry then emerged from the kitchen.

"Well bad news. All the lights are all broken... but i did find a book of matches and some candles in the cupboard. Grace smiled and started to set the little tea lights in a pattern on the coffee table, slowly she lit them one by one and it added a dim light to the house.

"I think this is perfect." Harry said get once again lost in her eyes.


Harrys POV


     I looked at her and saw so much more than just a girl with a pretty face. Everything about her was so positive, all we needed was her personality to illuminate the room, but underneath all that happiness... i could tell there was something sad deep within her. She reminded me of an angel, a broken angel. The candle light made her blue eyes sparkle, they reminded me of the harbor in the morning as the sunshine sparkled off of the choppy waves. She truly was beautiful. I could make out the fiant sound of her stomach gurguling. I laughed and she smiled.

"Are you hungry?" I asked smiling at her embarassed face expresion.

"Starving, but i dont think were going to find anything to eat here..." She gestured twords the dusty kitchen and giggled. Her laugh was adorable.

"Im going to run into town and grab something to eat, ill be back in twenty minuets." I made my way to the door.

"Does chinese sound good?" I asked walking through the front door that i had kicked into and archway.

"Sounds delightful." I smiled and took one more glace at her as i made my way to my truck. All i could think about the entire drive was her eyes, her beautiful eyes that were as blue as the harbor in the morning. Gosh she was breath taking.

     I picked up the chinese and decided to stop at the liqour store and grab a bottle of wine and some glasses to. I sot back the the house and saw her laying down on the couch reading a book. I noticed she had taken the plastic off of the couch, revealing a the tan fabric underneath. Her short blonde hair framed her face perfectly.

"What are you reading. You packed so light i didnt think you would have brought a book." I said examining the words on the page.

"The Notebook." She smiled and folded the corner of the page and closed it.

"What is it about?" I asked looking at the cover.

"Its about this couple that have been sweethearts ever since they were teenagers, and the wife gets alesheimers and the husband reads to her every day from this book about their love story and it makes her remeber about their lives for a minuet." She smiled at me trying to read my face expression, i could tell she didnt know what i was thinking so she frowned alittle. "I guess its pretty cheesy." She said setting it down on the floor.

" I think it actually sound beautiful..." She looked at me with a suprised smile. 

"I guess im just a romantic." I said shyly shrugging. She just laughed and grabbed the food out of the bag.

"This smells so good." She said digging the plastic fork into the box of rice. I just smiled back and grabbed the wine and poured us bolth a glass.


We spent the rest of the night just talking and drinking and getting to know eachother. I learned that her favorite color was baby blue, and when she was little she had a cat named Willie and just a bunch of little things, but whenever i asked her about anything to personal she would always change the subject. She suddenly stopped talking and noticed something acrossed the room.

"What is it?" I asked trying to spot the thing that her attention was so focused on.

    She got up and opened the lid to an old record player and grabbed a 45' off of the track. She blew on it and dust flew everywhere. She giggled and waked over to me.

"Its an old Elvis record..." She said handing it to me. I got up and laid it on the track and then lifted the needle onto a random song. Elvis's voice filled the room and a familliar song began play.

Wise men say

Only fools rush in,

But i cant help falling in love with you.

"Grace may i have this dance?" I asked she smiled and we intertwined our fingers and started to move back in forth to the slow rythm of the ballid.

Shall I stay

Would it be a sin,

If i cant help 

falling in love with you.

I then spun her in a circle and she wraped her hands around my neck and i put mine on her waist. She just smiled and relaxed her posture and laid her head on my neck

Like a river flows surely to the sea

I started to sing the last lyrics softly and we rocked back in forth.

Darling so it goes

some things are meant to be...

Take my hand,

take my whole life to.

She looked up and our faces were inches away, i examined her eyes and couldent read her. She just stared back with her innocent blue eyes and that familiar pink flooded her cheeks. I just decided to take a leap of fate, and softly pressed my lips to hers.

For i cant help,

falling in love with you.







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