Hayley is starting her first ever job: a servant for the beloved queen, Queen Jane. Her job is going well until a new boy joins the job and begins causing trouble. Will Hayley ignore him, or develop feelings for him?


2. What?

  "What just happened?" I stared at Harry. He shrugged and bent down to the dishes. I sat back down and turned his chin up to face me. "What just happened," i repeated.

  Harry smiled. "I got hired? Is this a guessing game?" His grin was cocky. I glared at him and went back to working on the dishes. By the time I was done, it was about 12:00. Queen Jane walked down and looked at the now clean dishes.

  "Wow!" She cooed. I smiled at her. She looked at me and Harry and said, "you know what, take the rest of the day off. I see how hard you have worked." My heart races happily. I turned and headed for the exit. As i turned towards the guest house, Harry yelled to me.

  "Can i walk with you there?" He sounded like a two year old. But somehow i liked it. I rolled my eyes and nodded. He ran up to me and walked next to me, matching my pace. "So, is your boyfriend going to move in with you?" 

  "What the hell are you talking about?" I said. "I dont have a boyfriend."

  Harry smirked. "Figures," he mumbled. I turned and slapped him across the face lightly. He continued to smile.

  "So i assume your girlfriend is moving in?" I dont know why, but jealousy sparked in me.


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