Hayley is starting her first ever job: a servant for the beloved queen, Queen Jane. Her job is going well until a new boy joins the job and begins causing trouble. Will Hayley ignore him, or develop feelings for him?


1. My first day

  I sat up quickly. I cleared the blur out of my eyes and looked over at my alarm clock. It read 7:00. "Oh my God!" i yelled, jumping out of my bed. "I am going to be late for work!" I pulled on black dress pants and a black blazer. I hated the boyish style of the work uniforms, but i wouldn't dare complain about it. I yanked my straight strawberry blonde hair up into a bun and ran out of my room.

  I had moved out of my parents house last year when i finished college at the University of Michigan.  I graduated with a bachelors degree in nursing, but i snagged the job as a servant for Queen Jane, the queen of England. It payed much more. As i brushed my teeth i pulled on a pair of black heels and hustled out the door into the car. I backed out of the driveway and began following the route to the castle.


  When i arrived at the castle, i hopped out of the car. The castle was glistening in the early morning. I hurried up to the doors and  opened them, walking inside. The moment i got in, my breath was taking away. Security crowded around me, their hands filled with sensors.

  "Who is she?" A voice from the back yelled. I looked up to see Queen Jane walking towards me, her long white dress dragging along the floor behind her. I smiled up and bowed to her.

  "Hello, ma'am. Remember me? The one you hired the other day?"

  Remembrance flashed across her face. "Yes, yes. Come with me. I have a job already set out for you." I smiled and followed her back to the basement, where she had many dishes dumped in a bucket. "You can first do the dishes, and when you're done, come meet me upstairs and i will find something else that you can do. Oh, and i have a guest house. Its all yours for the five months you're going to work for me." I nodded and bowed one more time as she left the room.

  I began to scrub the dishes carefully. They were hard glass dishes with small Chinese designs on them. They were caked with some kind of meat and potatoes. 

  I was almost done washing them when i heard somebody entering the basement. I turned to see one of the security guards who had tackled me as i entered. "We have a new worker," he said. A tall curly haired brunette walked out from behind him. He was wearing a work uniform like me. "This is Harry. Just show him how to clean the dishes. He will be living in the same guest house as you." The man turned and left the room. I stared at Harry.

  This had started as a great day and turned to maybe one of the worst.

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