is he my love?

young 14 year old chelsey is found lusting over Niall Horan, but wants to deny every bit of it.


2. "I think i'm falling for you."

When i got home that day, i emmediatly grabbed the note and got my phone off the charger.  i put in his number and text "Hey, it's Chelsey :)". after about a minute he text back "Hey beautiful, how's your head feel?" i smiled at his name on my phone, i dont know why but i like this kid. "Okay i guess, I think i might need another kiss though...." why did i say that! that is so cheeky! uhg im so stupid sometimes. "Well, tomorrow at the park, 3 o'clock. thats when you get your kiss. (:" "hmm, sounds good:)" "so blue eyes, lets get to know eachother.... call me." call him... oh my gosh.... call him. I hit his contact and hit send. im soooo anxious.. i felt butterflies growing in my stomache. "Hello." ohhhhh my gosh that acceint. "Hey. whats up?" i said still smiling. "Nothing much talking to this gorgeous girl" "awww."  "so i wanna know, how old are you? Whens your birthday? Whats your favorite color? What do you do for fun?" "Uhm 14, August 6th, green, and cheer or play sports." "oh wow, i like it so far"  "So how about you?" "i'm 15, september 13th, green, and honestly, sing and huh your gunna laugh at this one, eat." "Haha, i like it, your really funny ya know?" "alot of people say so" his acceint comes  out more the longer we talk... i love it. "I love your acceint, Irish right?" "uh, yea." "i can tell." i said smiling. "hey i have to get off of here, but i can still text. Okay cuttie?" "Ok" i said smiling ear to ear. after about and hour of "your so cute" and questions, and of course exchanging pictures(clean) i get the text "I think I'm Falling for you." I couldnt stop screaming. He just said hes falling for me... omg! "Im falling for you too." I said. He called me again. "I can't believe someone as beautiful as you would fall for me." We talked for hours, and he started singing to me. he sounds like an angel. i eventually fell asleep to his voice. when i woke up i looked at the time we talked. 12 hours. he stayed on the phone for 5 more hours. I can't believe it. I love him:).

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