is he my love?

young 14 year old chelsey is found lusting over Niall Horan, but wants to deny every bit of it.


1. are you okay love?

there he is, just standing there like he doesn't know he's so, uhg, so beautiful! his blonde hair, and blue eyes, it just kills me. We don't even know each other. while lost in thought i had drifted into the isle, where everyone is constantly coming through with plates and glasses on trays higher than their heads. but by the time i realized it was to late. CRASH! i fell to the floor, with an excrushiating pain in my head. i must have past out because i woke up to the most amazing voice ever. "Are you okay love?" he said blue eyes upon mine. "uhm yea, i think so." "well you sure don't look it. your head is bleeding" his Irish accent showing through. i cant believe my blonde haired stranger was looking me right into my ocean blue eyes, obvious concern flooding his face. "c'mon, uh, sorry but i haven't got your name yet." "Chelsey, my names chelsey." "Well, beautiful chelsey, lets go get you cleaned up. Oh and my names Niall." Niall, even his name was perfect. we walked past the counter to the restroom. he grabbed a paper towel and got it wet with cool water.  "this might hurt a little, just hold my hand." so i did. at first it didn't hurt but then he had to add pressure. "Dammit! it hurts." im sorry. im trying my  best not to hurt you." "I know."  after he cleaned my injury he grabbed a band-aid, put it on, and kissed my forehead. "There you go, hope it feels better." He said a grin on his face, showing off his adorable dimples. I smiled back, cheeks rose red. "well after that kiss how couldn't it." "huh, uh, ha yea." he said grabbing the back of his neck obviously embarressed due to his actions. his cheeks started to turn slight pink. I stood up and cheekily said "theres no reason to be embaressed, i liked it." he smiled back and said, "uhm we should hang out sometime, heres my number." he said grabbing a piece of paper out of his pocket and a pen from the counter. he wrote down something on the paper. he gave it to me and said " I've got to go but ill see you soon, hopefully." and with that he gave my a hug and a kiss on my forehead. and walked out of the door. i could fall for this guy. truly fall in love with him.

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