I Never Saw It Coming

Alyssa finds herself in the GIC (girls intensive care) after discovering an unknown brain tumor. She sneaks out to a One Direction charity event and notices Harry keeping an eye on her. After inviting them all to meet her friends in GIC she winds up going home with them. Harry is with Alyssa through everything, and as they find they have a special connecction an unknown man with a not so pleasant plan takes Alyssa. The boys search little to they know there may be a surprise at the end of the tunnel.


1. It all began at the hospital

                “BEEP, BEEP, BEEP,” is all I heard as I opened my eyes only to find my world blurred. Looking to my left the nurses are jumping up and hollering for the doctor. My boyfriend Cole is gripping my right hand with tears in his eyes.  A few minutes later the doctor came in and asked me some questions.  “To start off my name is Alyssa and I don’t know what’s going on.” I said.

                The doctor explained to me that I had an unknown brain tumor for 15 months and that a while ago at my boyfriend’s house I collapsed. I had a 9 hour surgery, was in a coma for 5 months and wouldn’t be leaving the hospital for a while. Everything is coming back. To sum it up, I’m a 18 year old girl who has lost her parents and brother to a car crash, and stays with my boyfriend Cole.  I have been having severe migraines for months and it’s panned out to be something horrible.

                Cole is standing up, he has tears streaming down his faces, and a nurse is dragging him out of the room. I can feel myself shaking and I hear some beeping noise going crazy. The doctor has 2 iron looking things and…    

                Waking up again I seem to be in a room full of nurses and doctors. Tubes are running everywhere and my bed is covered in stuffed animals. The doctor is talking to me again, telling me that I went into another coma for 5 days, and I would soon be transferred to a part of the hospital for girls with severe medical problems. With a jolt and squeaky wheels 2 nurses are pushing me to the area of the hospital called GIC, girls’ intensive care. All I can see is girls with frowns rushing past me as if I’m in a movie. Tears rush to my eyes. Will I live? Can I ever see Cole again? Who are these people? What’s happening? And my eyes are closing, and my view goes black.

                YAWN, I wake up and step out of bed greeting Molly, Megan, Nicole, and Ray. It’s been 5 months now and I can function. We are all going to get breakfast. I just passed a sign that said, “CHARITY ONE DIRECTION CONCERT 8PM.” I’ve heard of One Direction but never really took an interest. Although every time I think of them I think of Cole. I haven’t seen him since I was brought into GIC, I kind of miss him. Many visitor days have passed. Nicole’s boyfriend Keaton came and Megan’s boyfriend Hunter came, and still no sign of Cole. But, I don’t expect him to come; last I heard he was dating some other girl he met when I was in my second coma. What a jerk, I mean who needs him, right? Well, I have my friends so I’m alright, I guess.

                Of course, I and my friends are discussing sneaking out to the concert. You see, because we are in GIC we don’t really get any action, just a boring room with stupid television shows on. The problem is all my friends have ‘buddies,’ they are young GIC’s that hang out with older girls on Friday nights, the only reason I don’t have one is because I have a brain condition and I guess they have rules against that. So, I guess I’ll have to sneak out myself, I mean I just have to get out of this place. Only 10 hours to go and its break out time! All I have to do is keep a straight face and make sure the nurses leave at the set time of 7:45pm and I’m set to sneak. It’s the perfect plan. First of all it is free and there will be a crowd so if they know I’m they will have a hard time locating me. Lastly, even if I don’t enjoy myself at least I won’t be in GIC.   The countdown has begun only 5 minutes until I have to go. I can’t miss this, I have lived for this.

                The nurses have gone and I’m heading through an array of heavy wood doors. I heard a strange sound I turn around bumping into someone, as I look up I see.

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