Nialls Baby Sister

Kimberly Horan has loved Harry Styles from the moment they met. Kimberly thinks she a fairly pretty girl. But Harry's never noticed her as anything other then a mates baby sister. She doesn't believe she's good enough for Harry because, he's in one direction and she's nothing special. All of her brother Nialls friends are protective of her. All of them see her as an extension of her brother and a bit of an annoyance, but never a potential girlfriend. Silently Kimberly watches the boys through Xfactor and becoming the biggest boy band ever. What happens when all the boys come back after 2 years for little Kimberly's graduation?


7. Chapter 7

"I-I-I love you too H-Harry." I stuttered. 

He embraced me tightly. 

We drove home. On the way home Harry was talking but I just blurred it out. 

"Kim?" "Kim?" "Kim are you listening to me?" Harry asked. 

I snapped out of it. " Uh yeah yeah." 

"What did I say?" He smirked. 

"T-that you uh that you-"

"Babe what's wrong?" He said as we pulled up to the house. 

"What do you mean?"

"Well you weren't listening so what were you thinking about?" He asked

"Oh I was thinking about the food." I lied. 

"Oh well I was saying that we should move in together."

"No!"  "I-I mean, no cause just no!" I yelled. 

I heard him yell something but i disnt listen. I ran out of the car slamming the door behind me. And ram into the house. 

Harry's pov. 

"WAIT!" I yelled

She didn't stop. She ran into the house. 

I left the food on the door step and drove to my house. 

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