Nialls Baby Sister

Kimberly Horan has loved Harry Styles from the moment they met. Kimberly thinks she a fairly pretty girl. But Harry's never noticed her as anything other then a mates baby sister. She doesn't believe she's good enough for Harry because, he's in one direction and she's nothing special. All of her brother Nialls friends are protective of her. All of them see her as an extension of her brother and a bit of an annoyance, but never a potential girlfriend. Silently Kimberly watches the boys through Xfactor and becoming the biggest boy band ever. What happens when all the boys come back after 2 years for little Kimberly's graduation?


3. Chapter 3 and A/N!!!

Kimberly's POV. 

Finally the ceremony ended. My mom and all the boys gave me hugs and nearly squeezed the life out of me. 

"So kimmy, the boys and I are going to have a get together at the hotel we're staying in. Would you wanna come?" Liam asked. 

"I would love to but us seniors are actually have a party down my the pond." I watched as disappointment crossed his face. 
"But I'm sure you guys can come. As long as you play some music."

"Ok sure." He smiled. Luckily his disappointment didn't last long. 

We all drove in Louie's car. All I needed to do was change my clothes for the party. So the boys left me and Harry at my house and then Harry would drive me to the party. 

Nialls POV. 

We arrived at the party and holy hell do seniors know how to throw a party. 

I glanced over and saw one of kims friends. His name was Kyle and he seemed to treat her right. I decided I'd chat with him for a bit. 

"Hey Kyle." I said. 

"Hey Niall!" He said. He was really drunk. I don't even think he knew where he was. "So your Kimberly's brother right?" He asked. 

"Yeah." I smiled. 

"Man she's sweet." 

"Yeah she's a good girl." I said. 

"One time I went to your house and got her drunk. Right well she was piss drunk. She has a nice body! Have you seen her damn that ass! And she still thinks she's a virgin." 

"What the fuck? Dude shut up that's my sister! And what the hell do you mean she thinks she's a virgin? She is!" I spat. 

"No. When she was drunk she didn't know what was happening so I you know."

I was pissed. How dare he? I jumped on top of him and punched the shit out of him. 

"Niall stop!" Liam yelled. 

Zayn finally got me off of him. He was bloody. He looked dead. But I don't care he deserves it. 

I faced the other way and saw my beautiful baby sister staring at me. Tears in her eyes. She stood. Staring. 

I walked towards her. " Kim we are leaving!" I yelled. 

"No Niall what happened?" She asked. 

"I'll tell you later. Get in the car!" 

She was scared. I could tell she feared me right now. I stared at her the whole ride home whilst Zayn drove. My knuckles were red and covered in his blood. 

Kim's POV. 

Niall yelled at me to get in the car. What was going on. I didn't know anything. Why would niall do that to Kyle? 
Everything was running through my mind but I got into his car as Zayn drove. 

I didn't dare talk. I've never seen niall so angry. 

Harry sat next to me. Just as shocked as me. I looked at Harry and he looked at me. 

"Babe it's ok. I'm sure Niall had a reason." Harry said. 

I nodded. 

When we got home niall pulled me into my room and sat me down alone. 

"So?" He asked. 

"You tell me! What happened back there niall?"

"Kimberly! You slept with that asshole!" He yelled. 

I was confused. "What are you talking about niall I'm a virgin! And I'm not gonna talk about this with you!" I yelled. 

"No Kim. He said he got you drunk and he raped you." He said. 


"Yeah Kim, I'm so sorry you had to find out like this." He said. He wrapped his arms around me as I let out loud sobs. 

A/N~ YOU GUYS ARE INCREDIBLE! You guys are better then that you guys are the best people in the world! I never thought this fanfic would get so far! I love you guys so much! I'm sorry I just can't get over it! Thank you for everything! I seriously love you! I'd like to thank my mom for making me. And dad dad u helped on that too! ;) I'm totally kidding! But thanks guys seriously I can't deceive how great you guys are! Keep commenting! I love feed back! And favorite it if you haven't yet! :) and tell as many people as you can about this fanfic. I'm gonna do a question of the week cause I will update every day maybe even 2 times. But the questions are gonna be every Monday. So her it goes. [if you had to marry one guy in 1D, who would it be and why?] ok answer it! Don't be shy! Love ya'll. -Bri

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