Nialls Baby Sister

Kimberly Horan has loved Harry Styles from the moment they met. Kimberly thinks she a fairly pretty girl. But Harry's never noticed her as anything other then a mates baby sister. She doesn't believe she's good enough for Harry because, he's in one direction and she's nothing special. All of her brother Nialls friends are protective of her. All of them see her as an extension of her brother and a bit of an annoyance, but never a potential girlfriend. Silently Kimberly watches the boys through Xfactor and becoming the biggest boy band ever. What happens when all the boys come back after 2 years for little Kimberly's graduation?


2. Chapter 2

After dinner I looked at myself in the mirror. I had changed so much since I was 16. Now at 18 my hair hung by my elbow. I wasn't much like other girls and I knew that. And maybe that was cause I grew up with 3 guys. My dad. Greg. And Niall. I love playing football (soccer) with them. I don't have many female friends cause I can't take the drama. 

 A knock on the door interrupted my thoughts. It was my mom. 

"Get to bed you have a big day tomorrow."

I nodded. Once my mom left I was fast asleep. 

The next morning I got dressed into my short orange sundress that nearly hit my knee. And then crimped my hair. 

"Kimmy you ready?" My mom yelled up the stairs. 

"Yeah just a mintute." I yelled back. 

I glanced one last time into the mirror and ran down staid seeing my brother in the middle of the kitchen. 

"NIALL!" I yelled running into a hug. 

"KIM!" He yelled hugging back. 

"Were are the boys?" I asked. 

"There meeting us at the ceremony." He said. 

"Then lets go!" My mom yelled pushing us out the door. 

By the time we got there, there was no time to see the boys. I had to go right to the line for the ceremony. 

I hoped they all show. Okay I really hoped they show. But the hope was for a mr. Harry styles. As the president of the school board called my name I saw the boys. Harry next to my brother clapping whilst whistling. 

Harry's POV. 

They announced Kimberly's name and my jaw dropped. My eyes bulged as did other things and my heart stopped. She walked with such confidence. She looked so innocent. Whilst I've been with a few girls none of them made me want them like she makes me want her. Her short dress made me want to steal that innocence. That I'm sure she still has. When I first met her I wanted to protect her from boys and here I am two years later one of those guys I wanted to protect her from. Something about her made me go crazy. Maybe her laugh? Or the way her eyes light up a room? I don't know but what ever it is I can't control it. 

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