You're All I Ever Wanted

(Pretty Little Liars and One Direction fanfiction mash up)
For the five (yes, five) pretty little liars of Rosewood, Hanna Marin, Spencer Hastings, Aria Montgomery, Emily Fields, and Alison DiLaurentis, everything was perfect for the girls. Besides the fact that their friendship isn't very strong at the moment, life is a breeze (or so it seems...). Everyone has their secrets in Rosewood and you can't trust just anyone. But the girls have some deep and dark secrets.That's until the famous boy band One Direction moves into town. With them, they bring their own secrets. What happens when the boys and the girls get along pretty well? Will people fall for each other? Will friendships be broken? And the million dollar question: Who will kill Alison DiLaurentis?


1. Welcome One Direction

Emily's POV 

"I love Zayn," Aria gossiped. 

"Niall and I are soul mates," Hanna drooled.

"Someday, I will marry Liam Payne," Spencer fancied. Aria, Hanna, Spencer, Ali and I were all looking over a new One Direction magazine in our school cafeteria. 

Alison snickered. "I heard Harry has the most experience," she giggled while I rolled my eyes. I wasn't into these boys. My eyes were for someone else. "You'd be the luckiest girl in the world to get action with him."

Interrupting out thoughts, the loud speaker sounded. "Attention, Rosewood High students, we will be having five males attend the school. Please respect and be polite to them. They will start next period. Thank you," the principal informed us. All of the other girls were giggling and whispering. They were probably predicting if Ali would make a move on them or not because it would be typical Alison. 

"Back to One Direction," Spencer directed all of our attention back on the magazine. But my attention was focused on the person I liked. The way they moved, flipped their hair, smiled. Oh my, would I love it if we could share a kiss. It would make my day. 

About 20 minutes later, the bell rang, indicating that their next period would begin.All of us, excluding Aria, had geometry next period. Hanna groaned but Spencer was all smiles. Spencer is the smart girl out of us. It runs in her blood. The only person that might be smarter than her would be her older sister, Melissa Hastings. But truthfully, she was a huge nerd. For Halloween, she dressed up as a Queen of England or something. 

On the other hand, Hanna is the dumb blond. Not only is she not too bright, she also is a little chubby. Although, you got to love Han. She's a lifesaver when it comes to fashion and makeup. It's like she has a nerd's body with a superstar's brain. There was only one person that would always out rule not only Hanna, but everyone; Alison. 

Alison is our mother bee. Not only did she start our friendship, she is the leader of it too. She's our best friend and worst enemy at the same time. She uses her powers against us and we're all sick of it. I don't know how much longer Spencer could go without punching her because Alison is purposely pissing her off.

The mysterious one is totally Aria. She has pink streaks in her hair and is often quiet. She's also "daddy's little girl" and she seems to be okay with that. She can share many secrets though, I should know. 

Me, well I guess I'm the sporty chick. I am a dedicated swimmer for Rosewood and I don't really have a fashion style. My friends call me "Killer" because I follow Ali like a murder. I also have a few other secrets up my sleeve too. 

"Alright, let's go," I walked down the halls to geometry. When we walked in, we saw two unfamiliar, but really familiar faces. Oh my Lord! It's Niall Horan and Louis Tomlinson! The other girls noticed too and froze. Niall's eyes met mine and he smiled. I looked away feeling awkward. If you could see Hanna, you would predict she would faint. Alison was the only one besides me who kept it cool. Hanna and Spencer started giggling and fangirling. 

"You know, I could easily cast them under a spell," Alison whispered in my ear. My hopes fell, Niall's eyes were still locked on me, though. At least someone took appreciation of me. Boy, that sounds selfish...... nevermind that. 

"Welcome One Direction," Alison shouted confidently making everyone cheer and clap. But his eyes were still on me


A/N Hai dere Tooth pasters, It's Melanieeeeee! What do you think so far? Can you please rate it 1 out of 10? if it is 5-6 or lower, please tell me what I should improve with it. Thank you and enjoy. 

Queen Tooth Paster, Mel <3


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