Adopted by Paul Higgins (Harry Styles fan fiction)

Hi i'm Lilly and this is my story about how i got adopted by my favourite bands mananger. Will i find true love?? Read on to find out. :)


3. Nia and Aalliyah.

Lilly's P.O.V


Saying bye to everyone was really difficult exsesually Chloe. We promised to talk every day and she can still come and stay over. When we got to our new home dad told us that we had an older sister named Nia. When we met her she was really pretty. She had long curly hair that was down to her sshoulders that was dyed auburn (a mixture of brown and ginger) colour and shiny brown eyes. She said she was 22 and had a daughter who was 2 years old called Aalliyah (ali or lili). She also said she is always a little shy at first but she's herself she's happy, funny and a big prankster. She also said she loves to sing,dance and write music and stories in her free time. And she is dating Niall (Bad luck Clo :( !!).


Nia's P.O.V

Aww Lilly and Dylan are so cool. I'm so glad dad adopted them!

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