Adopted by Paul Higgins (Harry Styles fan fiction)

Hi i'm Lilly and this is my story about how i got adopted by my favourite bands mananger. Will i find true love?? Read on to find out. :)


4. Meeting the boys a different way.

Lilly's P.O.V


Urrrhhhh im so hungry.Pizza. i'll order pizza. woohoo it's here!!! Wait wait wait "Dylan give me back my- oh err hi!?" i screamed then spoke the last bit i was totaly freaking out! One direction were stood right n front of me!!! "Are you ok?" Liam asked. "Errmmm no! My brother just stole my pizza !!!" i replyed. "GET HIM!!!!!!!!" Niall yelled as we both ran to grab my pizza. "YESS!!!" Me and Niall both yelled and high fived as we caught Dylan. "Thanks gotta go bye" i said as i ran off to my room with my pizza. "Hey are you not gunna share with anyone??"Niall asked "Yea i'm sharing with me, myself and i!!" I replayed in a sassy tone. "I like her she has mega sass in here!!" I heard Louis say to Harry "Yea i like her because she's fit!" Harry whisperd but everyone heard him, wait harry thinks im fit. Well thats a first. After that i just ran off to my room and locked the door and ate my pizza and thought about what just happend. Harry likes me???





A/N heeey guys just a few things, first im going to call you my marshmellows and second im sorry i havent updated. I've had school, homework and stuff. so comment and follow me on twitter @chloewatt66 and add me on kik ShurbutCookie :) Thanks. Bye my marshmellows xx

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