Adopted by Paul Higgins (Harry Styles fan fiction)

Hi i'm Lilly and this is my story about how i got adopted by my favourite bands mananger. Will i find true love?? Read on to find out. :)


1. Meet Lilly.

Lilly's P.O.V



Hi i'm Lilly Matthews and i'm a straight A student at school and i used to get bullied because of it but because i stood up for myself i dont any more. I have a brother in the same year as me and we are in year 11, his name is Dylan. We both got put into care when we found out my dad murderd my mum whilst they were away on a buisness trip. But now we are both in care and i have an awesome room mate named Chloe. Me and Chloe are both really big directioners my favourite is Harry and her's is Niall. I really do hope me and Dylan get adopted. Oh i'm 17 by the way. :) I have bleeched blonde hair, sea blue eyes and i would say im adverage size in hight.




Hi sorry this chapter is so short this is my first movella and i hope you continue to read it :)

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Thanks :)

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