Adopted by Paul Higgins (Harry Styles fan fiction)

Hi i'm Lilly and this is my story about how i got adopted by my favourite bands mananger. Will i find true love?? Read on to find out. :)


2. Adoption :/

Lilly's P.O.V


Woohoo!!! Today might be mine and Dylans lucky day! We might get adopted, Sarah (care worker) said that all boy and girl sibblings have to meet in the main hall to get interviewed by some guy that wants to adopt us. But then again it might not be us, it could be Chloe and her big brother Jack.


----In the main hall----

The guy who is going adopt some of us is here now. It's... it's..... OMG IT'S PAUL HIGGINS, ONE DIRECTION'S MANANGER!!!!!!!!!!!!

"OMG Dylan, do you know who that is!?" I asked my brother " Yea it's Mr. Higgins, duuuhhh!!" He replyed with "No doofuss!! It's one direction's manager, babysitter and body gaurd!! Duuuuuhhhh!!!!" Was all i could come out with because he just came over to us and asked us our names. "OMFG!!" I thought to myself as i managed to stutter my name out.

Dylans P.O.V


Omg what is she like!!?? It's not like he's going to adopt us! Right??! Ok i have to admit i am kind of a directioner, but not as obses- i mean dedicated and Lilly! She would kill me if i told her she was obsessed! When Sarah said Paul wanted to have an interview  with us we litrally freaked out!!


Lilly's P.O.V


OMG!! He wanted to interview us !! But there's no point in freaking out, we always get to the interviews then they pick someone else. But then we had the interview then Sarah came up to us and said "Guys go pack your bags because you've just been adopted. Congratulations!" Omg we are actually being adopted!!

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