One Direction Imagine

Leave your Name and The boy from 1D u want one with and you can leave what you want for the subject. I would be happy to make one! just plz no dirty ones


11. The love Fani

u were all friends with the boys of 1D, however u always had a soft spot for Niall,Harry, and Louis. the next morning u woke up in the tour bus bed the boys let u have. u heard them fighing "NO NIALL SHE IS MINE" u heard louis yell to niall "BRO SHE LIKES ME" Niall argued back. " DUDES SHE LOVES ME" u heard Harry yell. U crept out the door, " boys whats with all the noise?" u innocently asked." FANI TELL THEM THAT U LOVE ME" they all yelled at u . u got so overwhelemed u ran into Nialls arms. " im sorry boys but i love niall" u saod they all understood. u and niall were bf and gf and lived hapily ever after

hope u like it

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