One Direction Imagine

Leave your Name and The boy from 1D u want one with and you can leave what you want for the subject. I would be happy to make one! just plz no dirty ones


6. Songs Meghan

You and niall were in their music room and the rest of the boys were watching the telly, U asked Niall of you could try an insturment " of Course honey" he replied. U went to the piano and started playing A-Team by Ed Sheeran. as u began to sing Nialls jaw dropped. he joined in on the chorus. at the end of the song u both just stared into eachothers eyes,"NIALL JUST KISS HER" u heard louis say. u turned ur head to the door to c all the boys there and were watching once they heard the singing. " gladly" Nial said u turned ur head back to him and u both shared a passinate kiss

Hope ya like it!

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