One Direction Imagine

Leave your Name and The boy from 1D u want one with and you can leave what you want for the subject. I would be happy to make one! just plz no dirty ones


4. Breakfeast Trinity

You woke up next to louis and saw he was asleep u smiled and he returned to the smile "hey babe" he said in his cute morning voice, "hey do u wanna make some breakfeast" u said " sure" he said back. u went down and got the pancake mix u asked louis to get the Eggs and milk. U turned around to get a bowl and u felt something slimy on ur head u turned around to louis with an egg shell and u were guessing the rest of the egg was in your hair "LOU!!" u yelled " yeah babe" he said acting innocent, "BOO BEAR U BETTER RUN" u yelled. u chased him around the house throwing pancake batter u both ended up on the floor covered in pancake mix and eggs. " so i guess we should go out and get food?" he asked " sure" u giggled then went out

hope ya like it!!!!!

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