The Fight.

An Image, A memory, A fist.

Kasey is nineteen and she's a mess. Always in the wrong place at the wrong time, she meets someone that she wishes she never did. She see's things she wishes she never did. But, although violent and a little frightening her relationship with Harry is passionate, sexy and the best mistake of her life...

[The Fight2- now available.]


22. You're Safe Here.

I sit here, still feeling misplaced. Those words still repeating in my mind and I begin to think. Contemplating whether or not I want to be more than just acquaintances with Harry. Harry, the guy who terrifies me, the guy I watched attack a man in an alley and leave him for dead, get aggressive with a drunk in a club, beat up one of my closest friends and bruised my wrists pinning me down in anger. Harry, the man who holds the car door open for me, the man who’s gentle touch caresses my body, the man who protects me, the man who makes me feel beautiful, the man I think I’ve fallen for.


And there it was, the conclusion to my empty trance and the end to my confusion. I liked him. I really liked him.


My thoughts suddenly disappear into dust when and loud bang echoes through my house and I’m shocked to see Harry’s perfectly bevelled figure pace into the room. I immediately stood, my eyes growing big and a smile appearing on my face. But, my smile then fell as I noticed his expressions were not so welcoming. His face was stern and eyebrows brought together.


“Hey Harry.” I smiled cautiously and stepped forwards as he walked towards me. I then leant in to hug him but was surprised when he fiercely pushed me away to the side and frantically began to pace my house in search of something. My heart dropped.


“Where is he?” He raised his voice as he began to charge up my staircase.

“What? Where’s who? There’s no one here.” I acknowledge his question confused.

“Just tell me where he is!” Harry was shouting now, his anger very apparent as he barged passed me making his way back down the stairs and to the kitchen. His whole body seemed tense and the power he withheld was something I’d only seen a couple of times…it wasn’t good. I definitely wouldn’t be able to fight him off.


“Harry! No one’s here!” I pleaded and I followed him. As I tailed him he suddenly spun around grabbing the sides of my arms and violently shaking me. I struggled to catch my breath the forceful action shocking me as fear flooded every inch of my body.


“WHERE THE FUCK IS HE!?” He bellowed into my face, so close I could feel his breath against my skin as he continued to concuss my body. His strong grip caused his nails to dig into my pale skin and the pain brought goose bumps to the surface of my skin. His dark eyes were burning into me and the terrifying tone to his voice scared me so much that I didn’t even react. Not to the pain, not to his shouting, I just froze.



"Where Kasey?" Harry dropped his hold on me and his voice became quieter but sterner and more serious. I quivered at the side of the room, as he paced it, too frightened to say anything. But I took a little breath and plucked up some courage forcing out a reply.


"Harry. N-no one’s here." He then rapidly spins round again and pushes me backwards causing me to fall to the ground and strike my head on the kitchen top. I let out a shriek as the pain floods my head and neck. I had never been so petrified in all my life. I was now led on the floor, blood gushing from my head, to afraid to try and get up. Was I going to be the next victim? I watched as Harry began to walk closer to me. His figure blurred by my teary eyes.


"No...No, please don't!" I begged as I saw his dark figure decrease the distance between us, quickly and frantically shuffling my body into the corner of the room.


 "What have I done...? Kasey, I'm so sorry!" His voice was hushed as he lent towards me and I squirmed using all of my strength to get up and move away from his touch. As I backed up he only came closer, trying to hold me, trying to make things ok. But, it wasn’t ok, nothing was ok.  So, I quickly dodge him and run for the front door. Leaving my house, with Harry in it. Leaving a trail of blood on my kitchen floor. Leaving the thoughts of us ever being together behind.


I was running. I could now feel the warm crimson blood trickling down my skin. Tears streaming from my eyes and struggling to breathe through the fear I was facing. But I ran. This time I knew where I was going. To The Ring. Liam would be there packing up the things from today’s training, he would help me.


The blood was now dripping down my face and neck staining the top I was wearing. When I arrived at the ring I burst through the entrance doors and then the double doors that led to the hall.


"LIAM! LIAM!" I desperately cried out. 


"JESUS! KASEY WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED!" Liam sprinted over to me picking me up in his arms and carrying me into a white room. He led me down on a bed and pulled out a green bag from underneath it.


"This is gunna sting a little." His soft voice warned me as he dabbed the blood from around my head. I gasped as painful shocks filled my body my tears continuing to fall.


"So, are you gunna tell me what happened?" Liam questioned me as he attended to the wound. I nodded in response, sniffled and wiped my tears away.


"I-it was Harry..." I noticed his jaw tense as I mentioned his name but he didn't seem surprised.


"He thought I was with a guy and got angry. I-I tried to tell him that there was no one in the house but he didn't believe me. He just got angrier and angrier. I was so scared. And then- and then-" I chocked on my words as my tears began to stream down my face again and I broke down into hysterical cries. I was so scared and upset that I didn't even notice that Liam had patched up my wound. I didn't even realize he knew first aid?!


I felt his strong arms sit me up and then pull me close to him for a warm hug. He was stood in front of me between my legs as he held me against his chest as I sobbed. 


"Its ok...shhh...its ok." He repeated his comforting words as he rubbed my back with his hand. When I had stopped crying I pulled away and looked up at him. He brought his hand to my face gently wiping away my tears. His touch was so caring and loving; I wish Harry was like this. Liam continued to wipe my tears away and looked into my eyes as he said,


"You don't need to be scared anymore. You’re safe here." One corner of my mouth turned up into a tiny half smile as I sniffled slightly.


"Please don't tell anyone." I softly said and he nodded understandingly as I leant back and rested myself against his warm body.

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