The Fight.

An Image, A memory, A fist.

Kasey is nineteen and she's a mess. Always in the wrong place at the wrong time, she meets someone that she wishes she never did. She see's things she wishes she never did. But, although violent and a little frightening her relationship with Harry is passionate, sexy and the best mistake of her life...

[The Fight2- now available.]


7. You Make Me Sick.

It was 8:45pm and I had never felt so nervous and scared in all my life. If he meant what he said, Harry would be here in 15minutes. Making my way up the stairs and into my bedroom I thought I’d try and find something to wear. First, I pulled out some sweatpants and a vest top. I didn’t want to dress up and give him the wrong idea…but, maybe this is a bit extreme, I don’t want to embarrass myself. I then went back into my wardrobe looking for something else and finally setting my mind on a pair of denim skinny jeans and a burgundy laced top. A little more acceptable but not too much to look like I give a damn. There was no-way I was dressing up for him. The Jess, Sash and Tix had told me earlier after he had drove off to be careful warning me about his reputation with girls as well as his violent behaviour. Like I could ever forget.


I quickly got myself dressed and tied my hair up in a loose bun trying to make it look as if I had put the least amount of effort in as possible. Then I heard the doorbell ring. Scrunching my eyes up and taking a deep breath I slowly began to walk down the stairs. As I approached the door I could see his blurred outline through the little patterned window in the door. I momentarily thought about not answering it…just leaving him there to wait. But then, what if it angered him and he broke the door down. I shivered at the thought. He could probably see me through the glass as much as I could see him already anyway.


I slowly opened the door almost as if I wasn’t expecting him to be there, my eyebrows rising and a slightly impressed look appearing on my face when I noticed he looked more attractive than usual.  He stood with one arm leant on the door frame, his body towering over me wearing black skinny jeans, a black buttoned shirt, black blazer and a cross on a chain around his neck. With his free arm his swiftly ran his fingers through his long curly hair as he smiled and started to speak.


“Hello beautiful.” His husky voice greeted me sounding deeper than usual and my wandering eyes settled onto his rather than his rather alluring body.


 "Errh. Don't call me that." I snapped back, hoping he didn’t notice me looking him up and down which only made him laugh.


"You not gunna invite me in then?" I stepped to the side, pushing the door open wider to make room for Harry to walk in and let out a judgmental huff. He would have come in out of his own will anyway; I tried to convince myself as my nerves only grew more.


"Why thank you." He then said sarcastically, kicking off his shoes and walking into the living room. I heavily shut the front door and followed him in to catch him looking at all of my things. 


"Why are you here?" I asked.


"To see you." he replied bluntly. "Like we discussed earlier.”


 "Well what if I don't want to see you!" My voice became angrier as I pushed passed him, walking to the opposite side of the house and going into the kitchen. I picked up a glass off of the draining board and filled it with water taking a little sip.


 "But you do want to see me." Harry startled me, making me drop the glass on the floor. I thought he was still in the other room.  


"NOW LOOK WHAT YOU MADE ME DO!" I bellowed at him trying to hold back tears. Why wouldn’t he just leave me alone? He then stepped closer harshly pushing me against the counter.


 "Calm down- I'll clean it."  He spoke comfortingly as he brought his hand to my face and brushed his thump over my cheek. Surprisingly enough it helped at little, it calmed me instantly and I wasn’t angry anymore, but I still just wanted to cry my heart out. I sighed looking away from him to avoid eye contact as he looked down at me. Then I stepped away from the counter trying to increase the distance between us but he forcefully pulled me back, instantly picking me up in his arms with ease and carrying me back into the living room. I struggled for him to put me down pushing my hands against his hard chest but he wouldn’t let go until we had reached the sofa where he gently placed me down and I gazed up at him frustrated and confused.


. "I didn't want you standing on the glass." He said softly as he turned back in the direction we’d come from. I just sat there for a moment, hearing noises coming from the kitchen until he returned and sat himself beside me on the sofa. He just stared, straight at me, didn’t even say anything for at least a minute or two. It made me feel so uncomfortable. Agitated, I got up from where I was sitting and walked over to the TV switching it on and then bending down to pick up the controller.


"mmmm."  He hummed behind me and I knew exactly what he was looking backside. I quickly spun around and fiercely glared at him causing him to chuckle. 


"Here. Choose something to watch." I vigorously threw the remote at him and began to head toward the kitchen again.


"I'll get you a drink." I was almost in the other room when I felt his warm hands land on my hips and he pulled me back into his chest. 


"I'm not thirsty." He simply stated, his emerald eyes gazing down at me. He then took my wrist pulling me back over to the sofa and picked up the controller, turning off the TV.


My heart suddenly began beating faster as he moved closer to me and placed his hand on my thigh. I instantly frowned at him giving the 'what the hell do you think you're doing' look and he slid it to my knee instead as he raised his other hand to my cheek softly and ran his thumb down my jaw line. His eyes flickered to my lips and my heart beat gained even more. There was no flippin way he was kissing me. Ok, he seemed nice at the moment but there was only one thing on his mind and it certainly wasn’t happening. Not tonight, not ever.


“I thought we were going out.” I spoke up and his eyes focused on mine instead. They glistened in the dim light as he looked at me and they didn’t seem as dark as usual, but deeper. I quickly looked down, cutting out eye contact and continued to talk.


“You said you’d pick me up, I assumed we were going out?” I questioned him and he smirked as the gentle touch of his thumb ran from my jaw line down to my neck and over the still slightly sore spot. I jolted away as he travelled over the tender spot but he stopped me from moving by placing his other large hand on the opposite side of my neck.  He then leant in closer placing a small kiss on the spot instead. His slow and gentle actions relaxing my breathing as I felt his warm lips place smaller little kisses around it. My heart was now beating slower but stronger and the hand that was still on my neck lowered to the centre of my back as he encouraged me closer. My breathing deepened as his kisses became stronger  as he began to leave a trail of them on my jaw line, then my cheek and then beside my mouth until his stopped, pulling away slightly and gazing straight into my eyes for a moment. His eyes then flickered down to my mouth again and then he followed by leaning in, our lips only millimetres apart. I could feel his every breath brush against my skin as he lingered in the same spot before completely avoiding my mouth and whispering in my ear.


“Let’s go out then.” After he immediately got up from the sofa and headed into the hall, leaving me sat there. He had just reeled me in, he had me in the palm of his hand and I was helpless. I suddenly found myself angry at him. A part of me wanted to think it was because he kept trying to control me but the other part of me kept thinking it was because he didn’t kiss me the only time I had actually wanted him to.


“Where?” I questioned him still sat on the sofa. He then returned back into the living room and stood in front of me.


“For food?” He suggested and I pulled an unimpressed face as I stood from the sofa and headed for the stairs.


“I don’t really feel like going out.” I replied and silence took over as I began to climb the staircase. I then felt the gentle touch of his hand on my wrist slowing me down but I flipped out. There was no way he was going to reel me in again with his gentle touches and soft kisses, no way. I wasn’t falling for that again.


 "GET YOUR HANDS OFF ME!" I suddenly shouted breaking the silence that had fallen, snatching my arm back and marching up the rest of the stairs. This guy was seriously starting to get on my nerves. Who does he think he is? He can't control me!


I made my way into my bedroom and sat on the edge of my bed only realising this probably wasn’t the best place to feel to when he followed me in and sat beside me with a smirk on his face. As I looked him the lighting in the room reflected a small scar above his eyebrow. Flashbacks flooded my mind as I remembered the night in the alley and the guy on the floor. My focus suddenly avoided him and I found myself looking down at my feet.


 "So, you remember then?" Harry’s voice broke the silence this time as he asked me like he had read my mind. My focus returned to him and I simply nodded at the question. Disappointment arose in his eyes as he looked back at me.


 "Are you scared of me?" He asked me another question but I didn’t reply as quickly this time, avoiding eye contact again and looking to the floor. I didn’t want to answer. If I said yes, he might use it against me. If I said no, he might try harder to scare me.


“What happened that night? Why did you do that?” I bravely asked him, continuing to look down at the floor. He didn’t answer. I looked up at him to see him looking down at me. Then I raised my hand to his face, running my thumb over the scare on his eyebrow and then the slightly more faded one on his lip. Although I hate to admit this, Harry was somewhat beautiful. My eyes then met his, my hand frozen to his face as our eye contacted stayed connected.


“I didn’t mean to. Not that much. I just lost my temper, got carried away.” He spoke as if he didn’t really want to talk about it, so I left it at that. Until he asked me again,


“Are you scared of me?” My focus left him again and I lowered my hand, this time answering him.


"Only as much as you are of me." He looked confused and then started to laugh as if I had told a joke. 


 "Why would I be scared of you?" He looked me up and down still laughing.


 “Well I could report what I saw to the police." I bravely said insulted by his laughing. I then jumped out of my skin, fear striking me in the heart as he forcefully pushed me backwards on to the bed pinning my wrists to the mattress and he hovered over me.  


"No need to worry. I know people." He whispered into my ear and started chuckling. I could feel his warm breath move from my ear to my neck as he harshly bit the sore spot like he was punishing me for threatening him as I squirmed in pain. He then did it again and I let out a huge shriek.


 "Mmm. I like it when I make you scream." He whispered into my ear once more.


"You make me sick." I spat and Harry tightened his grip on my wrists and started to bite my neck even more and began to make his way to my chest. I tried so hard to wiggle free but it wasn't working. He was to strong. But, when I stopped trying he let one of my arms go free. I placed my hand in his hair and pulled as hard as I could to try and make him stop. But the only thing I was successful at, was giving him more pleasure as he let out a moan and bit my sore spot again making me gasp. He then clambered off of me and stood up. 


When he stood I sat myself up frowning at him. He chuckled. I casually looked him up and down unimpressed until I saw a bulge in his jeans. My mouth fell open and shivers and tingles over took my body as I quickly looked away.


"Like what you see?" he asked cockily as he stepped toward me.

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