The Fight.

An Image, A memory, A fist.

Kasey is nineteen and she's a mess. Always in the wrong place at the wrong time, she meets someone that she wishes she never did. She see's things she wishes she never did. But, although violent and a little frightening her relationship with Harry is passionate, sexy and the best mistake of her life...

[The Fight2- now available.]


28. Secrets.

It had been a few days and I rolled over, stirring in my sleep as Harry’s strong arms pull my backwards comfortingly against his warm body. I smiled at his presence enjoying his company. Around a month or two ago I never would have thought I would be willingly in Harry’s bed, but I guess times have changed.


The sunlight was beginning to peer through the gap in the thick curtains as I forced open my eyes squinting at the brightness. As I did I noticed a photograph in a frame sat on his bedside table. At first it was blurred as my eyes continued to adjust until it was clear. It was a photo of Harry and a girl; he looked younger than he was now and his features appeared softer. The girl in the picture was beautiful, supermodel beautiful and her smile spoke a million words. They both looked so happy. But who was she?


“Who’s that?” I mumble questioning Harry as I nudge him and gesture toward the photograph.


“Go back to sleep.” He moans in reply pulling me closer into him and snuggling his head into my neck, his curls tickling against my skin.


“Nooo…who’s the girl?” I pester him asking again with a repetitive nudge. Harry did reply, not in the way I wanted but he did, sort of. By quickly placing his hand over my mouth and silencing me.


“Sleep.” His grouchy morning voice spoke once more and I simply replied with a muffled giggle.


I then wriggle onto my back, now facing the ceiling, Harry lowering his arm to wrap around my waist and fidgeting to get comfy.


"Harry?" I raise my voices as I stare up at the ceiling and await his reply.


"Nope." He speaks, his eyes still firmly shut and body lifeless once more.  I could feel his warm breath against my skin and his lips press a small kiss onto my neck as he fidgeted again.


"You smell good." I heard a soft mumble escape through his raspy morning voice.


"And you smell terrible!" I cockily reply as I pretended to sniff the air and try to hold back a giggle. My small body was then quickly straddled by a lively Harry as his perfectly chiselled torso lingered over me.


"Oi!" He wined at my comment and squeezed my sides as I lead below him. I didn't say anything, just smiled cheekily as I put my arms around his neck and encouraged him to lean down towards me. His eyes were glistening and seemed deeper than usual, like they could hold a whole galaxy inside them. Harry deeply stared down at me biting his lower lip before leaning further down to me and kissing me perfectly. He then pulled out of the kiss, lingering over me once more with a smirk on his face and his hushed voice softly said,


"Good morning beautiful." 




Harry was now taking a shower as I dragged myself to the kitchen and creatively made a bowl of cereal. I then sat at the dining table and began to eat when I felt two warm hands on my hips then gentle soft lips kiss my cheek. 


"Where's mine?" He cheekily asked as he redirected the spoon of Coco Pops into his mouth instead of mine. I was about to react to Harry's action but before I could his phone interrupted us. 


"Hello?" He greeted the person on the other end. I then heard a muffled voice speak. I couldn't quite make out what they were saying so looked up at Harry longing for him to mouth me a name or something. But, instead he just looked at me, his eyebrows coming together in a stern look and then exited the room closing the door behind him. I then quietly followed his mysterious actions to the living room where I waited in the door way out of site.


"Friday!?" I heard him question concerned as his voice grew louder.


"But- Yeah, yeah, ok." I then heard him huff loudly and then the room fell silent for a while so I assumed the other person was talking. Then Harry's voice rose.


"No! Kasey doesn't know!" Once the words had fallen out of Harry's mouth my body that was slumped against the door frame quickly came to life as I paced into the living room. 


"Care to explain exactly what it is that I don't know?" With a stern look on my face I stood parallel to the towering guy with my arms firmly crossed. His eyes grew wider as my presence shocked him. 


"Urmm, sorry- I'm gunna have to call you back." His voice was quieter as he didn't wait for a reply but just hung up the phone and silently gulped. 


"So?!" I angrily encouraged Harry to talk as he just stood there running his fingers through his curly locks stressfully.


"Who was on the phone?!" I quickly broke the silence with my desperate and demanding voice as I watched as his eyebrows came together again and he stood looking down at me.

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