The Fight.

An Image, A memory, A fist.

Kasey is nineteen and she's a mess. Always in the wrong place at the wrong time, she meets someone that she wishes she never did. She see's things she wishes she never did. But, although violent and a little frightening her relationship with Harry is passionate, sexy and the best mistake of her life...

[The Fight2- now available.]


11. Rare Invitation.

I watched from a table as Harry sat and joked around with a few of his friends at the bar. He didn’t seem angry anymore and I smiled as he laughed and glanced over in my direction. We had now been in the club for around an hour and I was sat with one of his friend’s girlfriend Chloe. Chloe had long, straight, blonde hair, blue eyes and wore a skimpy red dress with heels. From what I had guessed she was dating a guy called Dom who seemed close to Harry.


“So, your Harry’s new girl?” She changed the subject we were talking about questioning me.


“No. I’m not.” I bluntly replied not wanting to be labelled. I looked back over in his direction a big smile on his face. Maybe being his girl wouldn’t be as bad as the girls and I originally thought.


“So…?” Chloe questioned and I looked at her confused.


“Do you like him or not?” I shook my head in reply, my eyes momentarily flickering back to Harry and then to Chloe again.


“Well…just be careful ok. I like you Kasey. I don’t want you getting hurt.” She spoke in a concerned tone and her comment brought me back to reality, my stomach sinking. He was dangerous. But, what if she didn’t mean that. What if she meant she doesn’t want my heart broken? After all Harry’s reputation with girls was apparently well known. I sat confused as Chloe stood from where she was sat and walked over to Dom, dragging him to the dance floor.


“Hey babe.” Harry walked over and took a seat next to me.


“Having fun?” He asked in his husky voice.


“Ummm…I guess so…actually, I’ve got a bit of a headache if I’m honest.” Harry took in what I said and started to chuckle.


“I’m a little bored now too. Did you want to leave?” I then smiled at the charming guy, got up from my seat and was escorted out by his familiar strong arm wrapped around my waist again.


As we began to leave the club Harry said his goodbyes to a few people, receiving drunken bear hugs off of his mates and kisses from desperate and delusional girls. Although Harry could be intimidating and frightening I couldn’t help but find myself slightly jealous and didn’t understand why. I wasn’t interested in Harry; he was to annoying, clingy, unpredictable.


When Harry and I were finally outside he held open the car door for me and then got into the other side. We sat there in silence for a few moments while Harry began to warm the car up, goose bumps appearing on my skin from the temperature change.


“I’ll drive you home.”  Harry broke the quiet that had fallen and spoke without question. I replied with a simple hum as I looked out of the window at the city lights. The car ride was a little awkward again; with nothing much to talk about until he spoke again.


“Why did you thank me earlier?” He asked and I looked at him are eyes meeting before he looked back at the road ahead. A part of me wanted to say it was because he scared that creep off of me, but that wasn’t the truth.

“Because it could’ve ended much worse than it did.” I replied to his question as we stop at a set of traffic lights and his gaze returned to me.


“Were you scared?” Harry questioned me again and I thought deeply before answering.


“Only that you’d regret it.” I spoke as I looked away from him and in the direction that we carried on travelling in, catching him give me a slight nod before turning away.


We carried on driving for around five or ten more minutes before we pulled up outside my house and Harry once again escorted me out of the car. He then accompanied me to the entrance of my house and I fiddled around with my keys, unlocking the door and flicking on the light as I entered. I then swivelled round on my heels to see Harry still standing outside.


“Did you wanna’ hand here for a bit?”  As he heard my question I saw the expression on his face turn shocked. To be honest I was shocked too, I didn’t mean to invite him in, it just felt right.


“I have wine….?” I carried on trying to persuade him to accept the rare invitation.


“I can’t drink…I’m driving.” His face fell disappointed as he gestured back to his car.


“Crash here for the night?” I smiled sweetly at him, fluttering my eyelashes, wondering why it was taking him so long to accept the offer. He looked at me, then his car, then back to me. That’s when it really dawned on me, what was I doing inviting him to stay the night, he was unpredictable and this could only end awfully.


“Ok, sure why not.” Harry looked at me warmly, smiled and then stepped into my house. I’m not sure if the feeling I suddenly felt in my stomach was good or bad… excitement or fear…but there was definitely something, and it was making me nervous. 

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