The Fight.

An Image, A memory, A fist.

Kasey is nineteen and she's a mess. Always in the wrong place at the wrong time, she meets someone that she wishes she never did. She see's things she wishes she never did. But, although violent and a little frightening her relationship with Harry is passionate, sexy and the best mistake of her life...

[The Fight2- now available.]


24. No Need To Worry. She's Safe.

The lights left an orange tinge on the darkened street ahead of us while Liam locked up the main entrance to The Ring. Once finished I then followed him a short way down the road before he pulled out a set of keys from his pocket and flicked a button triggering the lights on a nearby car to flash several times as we approached. Liam then walked to the driver’s side and climbed in and I followed getting into the passenger seat.


The drive seemed quite short and was rather enjoyable actually. Liam had turned on the radio full blast and was singing along to the songs that came on to try and cheer me up. That was the moment when I realised there was more to our relationship than the rather cute prince charming saving the needy damsel in distress. We were driving through a small patch of countryside; everywhere around us pitch black except for the small patch ahead of us lit by the headlights of the car. Liam turned up the radio even more, smiling and beginning to over exaggerate his dancing to the song that began to play. A goofy smile appeared on my face as I recognised the song, ‘Send Me on My Way’ by Rusted Root, I giggled as it reminded me of the old movie ‘Matilda’. We both began to sing along to the lyrics as the car filled with our rather embarrassing seated dance moves. But, although weird and wacky, it was pure ecstasy. That moment, was so incredible and I was so happy. His plan to cheer me up had worked and was purely, completely, effortless as the song slowly faded to an end and we both burst out into hysterics. I was still in a fit of giggles as we pulled up and Liam flicked off the radio.


“Here we are.” He spoke as he took out the keys to the car and climbed out. I quickly followed him, opening the car door and hopping out, my feet making a slight tapping noise as I walked along the path to his door. I then heard Liam lock up the car behind me and laugh as he began to follow me.


“What?” I spun around to look at him walking towards me.


“Nothing, you just seen eager to get inside that’s all.” He chuckled as he reached his arm over my shoulder to unlock the door, pausing as our eyes connected. His body was towered over me as he leant in closer trying to fiddle with the lock behind me but not detaching his gaze from me. Small butterflies grew in my stomach as I could feel his warmth dance around my body. Then, I let out a small giggle as the concentration on his face made me laugh as he continued to wiggle the key around in the lock. My small laugh faded as he wasn’t put off by it still looking down at me. I was suddenly really nervous.  His free hand rested on my hip and I quickly breathed in shocked by his touch. Liam leaned in close and I took a small step back only for the door to his house to stop me. I felt the hard surface against my back as I heard our breathing begin to deepen. Not again. I can’t get lost in his eyes only for him to reject my kiss again. No! What am I thinking, I can’t kiss him. I quickly spun around in the tiny space, taking the key from his hand and pacing it in the lock and turning it gently.


“Well that was difficult.” I teased as I ran into the house. When I entered I opened the first door I came to and quickly shut it after realizing it was in fact a cupboard. I then went further down the hall and opened the next door, more cautiously this time. It was the living room. I let myself in diving onto the sofa and making myself at home. Soon after Liam walked in following me.


"You seem to have cheered up a little." He smiled as he walked over to me raising my legs up, sitting on the space where they were and lowering them onto his legs. 


"I guess I'm just trying not to think of it." I spoke, my stomach dropping at the thought of everything that had happened. I then sat up and shuffled to the corner of the sofa pulling my knees into my chest. 


 "I'm sorry I didn't mean to-" I quickly cut off Liam’s apology.


"It's not your fault." I smiled.


 "You may hate me for saying this but...It's not Harry's either." Liam bit his lip as he waited for my reaction. I nodded, smiled and said,


 "I know. I've seen him that angry before." My smile faded again.


"No-one can stop him when he's that far gone." Liam spoke and I became more alert as I took in what he had just said.


"I did once." As I replied his head quickly turned to my direction. 


 "In the club." I talk again and Liam then nods.


 "I told you he likes you." A weak smile appeared on his face but I shook my head in disagreement. 


 "You don't know that." 


"Fine, if you don't believe me tell him how you really feel. Tell him you like him or love him. If he says it back. You'll know."


"HEY! I never said I liked him let alone loved him!" I playfully punched Liam's bicep and let out a giggle.


"You don't need to have said it. I know already." His face then fell disappointed. Would I really know, he made it sound so simple.


"What's wro-" My question was cut off by Liam's phone. He quickly got up off the sofa and picked it up off of the coffee table.


"It's a text from Harry." He sighed as he spoke his words then read out the text.


"Li, need your help. Kasey has gone. I know you're not going to want to help me but I need to find her. She's hurt and it's all my fault. It's dark out and she isn't home yet. I think she's gone to a guy’s house. I need you bro; we'll be a team again." The room fell silent as Liam finished reading the text. I watched as hope rose in his eyes and he began to read out what he was typing.


 "Haz, no need to worry. She's safe. She's at my place. I fixed up her wound, she was a bit shaken but I sorted her out. Come on over when you want." My eyes grew wide as he read it. 


"NO LIAM! DON'T SEND IT LIKE THAT!" I quickly jumped off of the sofa.


 "Urhh. Too late." He mumbled. My stomached dropped. 


"HE'LL TAKE IT THE WRONG WAY!" I bellowed at Liam as the worry started to consume my mind. 

"No, calm down he'll be fine, he'll understand." Liam smiled sweetly. 


"NO LIAM HE WON'T BE FINE! THIS IS HARRY WE'RE TALKING ABOUT!" I shouted at him again. My body started to shake with worry and about what Harry’s reaction would be like. Our arguing carried on for about ten minutes the tension in the room building.


Then the bang of the front door froze us both to the spot, the arguing stopped and the room fell quiet.

He was here.

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