The Fight.

An Image, A memory, A fist.

Kasey is nineteen and she's a mess. Always in the wrong place at the wrong time, she meets someone that she wishes she never did. She see's things she wishes she never did. But, although violent and a little frightening her relationship with Harry is passionate, sexy and the best mistake of her life...

[The Fight2- now available.]


23. I Always Find Myself Running Away.

The warmth from his torso embraced my cheek as I leant against him, no energy left in me to care about anything else anymore. Shattered, bruised and broken I felt as Liam ran his fingers gently through the back of my tangled hair continuing to hold me close. I admired how patient he seemed with me. How caring he was and I felt comfortable around him. I gazed up starting to feel sorry for him, having to babysit me like this but when I did he was already looking down at me, his eyes big and a comforting smile upon his face. He then let go of me, stepping backwards as he held out his hand for me to take. No question, I took it. Sliding myself off of the edge of the medical bed and following his lead out of the room.


I could tell by the dimness of the lighting in the corridor that it was getting dark outside. Liam had already finished putting away the training equipment, nudging a bench to the side of the hall with his leg as we walked in. He then continues to walk me toward the centre of the room just to the left of the fighting ring and holds both of my hands, looking down at me.


“You know, I don’t really have anyone who’s truly there for me.” He begins to speak.


“I mean, I have people, who are there, but…they aren’t really here right now.” He pauses confused by his own words.


“Sorry- It’s hard to understand. I’ll just cut to the chase.” He nervously continues.


“This place.” Liam then looks around at the building, a small smile on his face.


“This place is all I have right now. Don’t get me wrong, this place is great but, it doesn’t really make a good shoulder to cry on.” He anxiously chuckles as he releases one of my hands and restlessly rubs his fingers through his hair.


“I don’t want that for you. You came to me today, for help and I’m assuming that’s because you had no one else to go to, that you felt comfortable to go to.” He continues once more and my heart nervously begins to flutter understandingly at what his is saying. Liam then lets out a puff of air and speaks.


“I’m here for you.” The room then falls quiet as he raises his warm hand to my cheek rubbing his fingers across my skin.


“Whenever, wherever, I’m here for you.”  He whispers into my ear and I can feel his warm breath bring goose bumps to my skin before he pulls back away.


“Thank you.” I quietly reply as I go up onto my tiptoes and place a small kiss onto his cheek. No one has ever truly been there for me. Ever. Not like this.


A pink tinge grew on Liam’s face as he looked down smiling at me before he walked me over to a familiar set of double doors. He flicked off several lights as we walked and I began to feel my stomach drop. I was going to have to go home…and Harry would be waiting for me. What if he was still mad at me, what if my running away had only made things worse. He’d be there lingering in my home and when I open the door he would pounce on me out of nowhere and I’d be helpless and terrified again. I can’t cope with it again, not tonight.  


"You alright?" I snapped from my thoughts my eye line flicking to my hand in Liam’s and then up to his concerned face. He waited for a reply as I swallowed the lump that had risen in my throat and silently nodded, then carried on following his lead. But he stopped. Placing his hand on my stomach softly, encouraging me to stop as well. His hand then slipped to my hip as he stared down at me.


 "I know something is bothering you..." Although his hold on me was strong and firm, it was also somewhat reassuring like it was ok to tell him how I really felt. But telling him wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be as I tried to open my mouth and speak but, nothing happened. I could feel tears start to well up in my eyes as I tried to force out the words again. His eyes were fixed on my shaky expressions as he gazed straight into me.   If he moved any closer or touched me again I was going to have an emotional breakdown.


"What’s wrong?" He asked in a hushed voice as his touch became gentler and moved from my hip to the side of my face as he softly brushed over my cheek with his thumb. That was it. I could feel the sorrow and fearfulness build in my body as I tried to battle the urge to cry. But it was no use. Tears forced their way to the surface and started too tumbled down my cheeks as I threw myself into Liam crying onto his chest. He instantly brought his arms around me and lent down slightly; his strong hug, reassuring me that everything was going to be ok. As I leant against his firm chest my mind began to wander. He must think I'm such a baby, such a child. I'm nineteen and I'm stood here balling my eyes out. I quickly wipe my tears away and step back from his grip increasing the distance between us.


 "I’m sorry.” I hastily say as I begin to head for the exit of the hall. But Liam jogged up behind my speedy pace and blocked my exit. 


"You're not going anywhere. Until you tell me what's wrong." He crossed his arms and stood tall in front of the doors as he awaited my answer.


"It doesn't matter." I mumble as I try to walk around him. But it didn't work. Liam had blocked the only way of leaving the building and wasn't letting me through without an explanation. But I didn't have the guts. I couldn't tell him I was afraid to go home and that I have nowhere else to go. He's so nice he would invite me to his...and it's rude for me to just say that expecting him to let me stay. I’ve already bothered him enough. Maybe I should lie.


 "So?" Liam questioned me his face more serious now as I stood staring blankly at him. I swallowed the lump in my throat again, I had to think of something and fast. 


 "It's just Harry." I raised my voice slightly pretending to shrug it off.


 "Well, yeah...I knew that. That's the reason you were here in the first place." He replied sternly.


 "Ever since I’ve met him, all I seem to do is find myself running away." Liam just stood and waited for me to expand on what I had just said not willing to let a single detail drop.


 "Well, the first day I ever met him was in an alley and he began to fight and nearly-" I cut myself off and then began talking again,


"I was scared so I ran." I looked up at Liam who was listening intently and still blocking the exit.


"The second time I met him he was in a car park with a group of dicks who just stood there watching what he was doing to me. HE WAS ALL OVER ME! AND NO MATTER HOW MUCH I STRUGGLED HE WOULDN'T STOP!" My voice rose as the memories irritated and angered me.


 "Then I tried to run when he hurt Joe!" His face became confused as I mentioned the name.


 "But he just grabbed me and shoved me into the back of his car!" My voice gradually grew louder and shakier as slowly, tears started to run down my cheeks again.


 "I ran when he kept secrets from me, about some sort of business that I never even found out about because I was too scared to ask..." My voice began to trail off into tears of anger as Liam lent towards me and wrapped his arms round my shaking body. 


"That's the day I met you..." I mumbled into his chest. I felt his comforting touch rub my back and then his breath beside my ear.


"Don't worry, it’s going to be ok, I've got you." His words made me feel safe and then a memory replayed in my mind. We were at the and Harry. He had got that guy off of me. Protected me. Made me feel safe like Liam was now. What happened to that?


 "You can stay at mine for the night if you want? Just so I know that you're ok." Liam's soft voice brought my mind back to the present as the words he said relieved my body. I weakly nodded as he held me. This way it would give the chance for Harry to calm down.


"That would be nice. Thank you." I pulled away from him as I spoke, lifting my arms and wrapping them around his neck for a more meaningful hug, his arms neatly slipping around my waist and pulling me in closer as our bodies met before I lowered myself back down and we exited the building.

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