The Fight.

An Image, A memory, A fist.

Kasey is nineteen and she's a mess. Always in the wrong place at the wrong time, she meets someone that she wishes she never did. She see's things she wishes she never did. But, although violent and a little frightening her relationship with Harry is passionate, sexy and the best mistake of her life...

[The Fight2- now available.]


18. He Likes You, You Like Him.

A day had passed, quicker than expected and it was an hour before I had to be at the ring to meet with Liam. He had walked me home last night and was just so lovely. So far, since I left Harry’s house, I’ve completely avoided him. And, so far, he isn’t stalking me either. I slowly climb out of my cosy bed and stumble to the window pulling the curtains open and letting the sunlight fill the empty room. Heading to my bathroom to take a shower I wiggle my toes in the tick carpet that covers the floor. Everything today seemed so good. Like my senses were all working at 100% and more, the world just seemed so, good. Once I’d finished in the shower I felt so refreshed. I wrapped my white towel around my body and walked into my room heading for my wardrobe…hmmm, what do I wear?



I was now walking and not too far from The Ring now, after closely examining Google maps beforehand. The walk was amazing...the sun was shining and a cool breeze blew my hair from my face. I had decided to wear a hoodie over a little tank top and I wore gym shorts under some sweats so I could quickly change when I arrived. In the warm sun I was starting to wish that I had just worn the top and shorts, but I guess it’s too late now.


I arrive at The Ring around ten minutes after I said I would be there, not wanting to look to eager. When I got to the entrance I walked in and it lead straight into a dim corridor. I wasn't too sure where I was going as I hadn't been looking when Liam brought me, but I soon found my way by following the smell of sweat and testosterone. A thought suddenly sprung to my mind. There better be other girls there...nerves suddenly hit me.

 I followed the horrible smell round a corner which led to two old double doors. I then took a deep breath and pushed them open. Great. I thought to myself as the hall was filled with men whose attention was all suddenly on me. I put on a week smile as I walked in, trying to look confident and desperately scanning the room to try and find Liam. 

"Hey Kasey!" He appeared from a group of guys, jogging towards me and greeting me with a huge hug. I was surprised at three things when in this situation, 1. Liam was ripped. Undeniably ripped and last night I had been in such a mess I didn’t even notice. How is that even possible? 2. Liam was excited to see me. Like, super excited. And, it made me feel good. Not gunna’ lie. 3. I’m happy and really looking forward to spending time with him.


"Hey." I reply glancing around at the other guys in the room. Well this was awkward...


"You ready?" Liam asks me anxious to begin. 


"One sec, just need to get out of this." I reply nervously, gesturing to the hoodie I was wearing and Liam nodded. I walked over to the side of the hall and could feel several sets of eyes watching me. This is about to become even more awkward...I thought to myself as I took off my hoodie and sweats revealing my tiny top and shorts. I took another deep breath as I spun around and headed towards Liam who was stood by the ring. All eyes were on me and a few of the guys even whistled. Oh how I wish I had never agreed to this. 

 Liam lifted the ropes as I hopped under them and then began giving me instructions. First he was teaching me about balance. 

 "If you don't have balance, you don't have anything." He said to me showing me a balancing pose to try. I copied, starting to feel like I’d signed up for a yoga class. But then I suddenly lost my balance falling towards the ground, nope definitely not a yoga person. Before I manage to face plant the floor two strong arms catch me and lift me up. Liam looks down at me, our bodies pushed close as he chuckles and my face instantly turns pink with embarrassment. 

 "Ok, you try this again whilst I just pop over there." Liam said pointing somewhere behind me. 

 "Hmmm...Ok." I grumbled as he walked away. He was leaving me, stood in the middle of a gym full of guys, on a platform doing yoga poses. Never have I ever felt so awkward in my entire life. I try to concentrate on one spot of the wall that’s in front of me. Trying my hardest not to fall and embarrass myself again. If I can’t do this, I’m not going to be able to do anything else am I.

 "Hey Haz!" I heard Liam shout behind me as he made me jump. But I didn't fall, surprising myself.

 "You should meet my new all the ones you've ever had...she's a girl." As I heard Liam start to talk about me I relaxed from the pose and swiftly spun round to see him pointing over to me.


"Kasey?!" It was Harry. I was shocked to see him here. This place was rough and I thought he, I just didn’t think he would be here. I stood and stared at him for a moment, my mind taking a while to catch up. Fear hitting me. I bet he was so mad that I left. I continue looking at him, his perfect features moulded in a confused look.


"Ummm...hey Harry." I gave him a little wave, then exited the ring and walked towards him. Suddenly everyone's eyes were on us.


"So you two know eachothe-" Liam was cut off by Harry's husky voice questioning me.


"Where did you leave to last night?" His voice sounded agitated but worried at the same time, a part of me was shocked he wasn’t angry, the other part waiting for the anger to show.


"For a walk and then home, I didn't feel well." I lied, looking up into his sparkling eyes and gave a little smile as my eyes darted to a confused Liam behind him and then back to Harry. He then quickly wrapped his arm around my waist and pulled me against him, leaning down and whispering in my ear.


"I was worried, I missed you." His words sent butterflies flying through my body and I could feel my cheeks turning pink. How is it possible that he has this power to in a split second turn me into mush?


"So, why are you here?" I sweetly asked him as I step back out of his hold.


"Me? This is where I train, work, fight, the usual. But why are you here?" I could sense a little confusion in his voice. 1. Because I was here 2. Because I was with Liam.


"Oh. Liam just invited me to train with him." I smiled over at him stood drinking from his water bottle. Suddenly Harry's head turned to face him, his eyes dark and muscles clenched. Oh no. 


"Hey, but now you're here...umm..." Harry's attention turned back to me as I raised my voice and carried on talking...


" could...I mean...if you wanted too...umm...” I embarrassingly stumbled over my words as Harry's face lit up. 


"Well that sounds like a plan!" His voice raised as he chuckled, ripping his shirt off and lifting me over his shoulder as he jogged towards the ring. I let out a squeal as his actions shocked me and then began to laugh.


When Harry placed me onto the platform and was stood beside me he then went down to my ear again and whispered.


"I like your outfit." I then felt his large warm hand run from my waist down to my rear where he squeezed sending tingles swarming my body. 



So, Harry had now taken the place of Liam and was teaching me the different fighting techniques and I hate to say it, but it was actually quite fun. I laughed and giggled as he came behind me and squeezed my sides. 


"H-Harry stop." I begged as he tickled my sides and laughed.


"Sorry, you're just so distracting." Harry chuckled as he gently kissed the side of my neck. The fuzzy butterfly feeling immediately returned to my body when his lips touched my skin. He could easily wrap me around his little finger like the kiss the other day. But he didn’t.


"Anyway...back to the training." His tone of voice suddenly changed. It was stronger, more masculine and as if he was afraid to show how he felt. I had never seen him like this before. It was strange, Harry was never afraid of anything...


He was still stood behind me when he gently placed his hands around my fists and put them into the correct fighting position. But, then Harry's hands slowly slid from my hands to my wrists as he ran his fingers over the fading bruises. I felt his body tense as he stood over me and then stepped back. I turned to face him lowering my stance and was mesmerized by the look on his face. He was angry and upset... a little sad. The expression on his face slowly grew more and more unhappy and then he suddenly tensed his body again, the vein in his neck becoming more prominent and his eyes became darker.


"I'll be back. I'm taking' a break." He raised his voice bluntly as he jumped off of the platform and paced towards another room. I stood there blank for a moment. Watching him as he left, my eyes fixated on the wooden door he had just exited through. What just happened? Every time he seemed to start showing some emotion around me, whether it was happy or sad, he'd just back fire. How could I get to know him when he kept himself so distant from me? 


"Everything alright Kase?" Liam's voice awoke me from my thoughts and I turned to see a concerned look upon his face. I just stood there silent for a moment not totally sure about the situation myself.


"Um- I'm not...I'm not quite sure..." When I finally got round to speaking I stumbled over my words in confusion. 


"He just left?" I continued to speak, confusion still lingering in my voice. Liam lowered himself to my height, pushing a piece of my hair out of my face and looking straight into my eyes so intently that I could physically feel his gaze going into me.


"He'll be back." He encourage with a soft tone. His eyes were fixed to mine, the distance between us slowly narrowing as he came closer. Oh my gosh. What was happening? My mind scattered, I didn’t know what to do, he had been so nice to me and I just wanted to kiss him, but Harry? But, Harry and I weren’t together; he made it pretty clear by the way he just left me. I slowly moved my head in closer as well, millimetres away from his, but then Liam surprises me by suddenly backing off. Our eyes loosing contact and my stomach dropping but also filling with relief.


"I didn’t realize you were Haz’s girl." He spoke down to me before an awkward silence arose and it angered me.


"I'm not." I bluntly replied. Liam's face became shocked as he began to speak.


"Well then you're one of the lucky ones." He then began to chuckle at his comment as he walked away. I watched Liam make his way to the side of the hall next to a couple tables as my mind try to figure out what he meant. But it was no use, I had no idea. So, I quickly left the platform and jogged to where he was standing with a group of sweating guys. 


"Liam." I butted into the conversation and the other guys fell silent. I then pulled him by his arm away from the group and asked,


"What do you mean?’I'm one of the lucky ones.'" He looked at me and smiled clearly amused by my serious question. 


"You can't tell?" He replied slightly laughing.


"Tell what?" My voice became desperate as I took a step closer to him.


"He actually likes you..." Liam then paused waiting for my reaction, but I didn't have one, maybe that's what he wanted. He raised his hand to the side of my arm, his warm touch giving me goose-bumps. Then leant in towards me. 


"...and you like him." I could feel Liam's breath against my skin as he whispered into my ear. He then retreated back to the group of guys leaving me with a wink and the words he said circling my mind.


I walked back across the room and sat on a bench for about 20 minutes until I heard a husky and demanding voice say,

 "Kasey, we're leaving." I quickly stood and spun to see Harry stood in the entrance of the hall with a sports bag hanging off of one shoulder and a strong, intimidating look on him. So, without question I picked up my things, walked over to Liam to say goodbye and give him a hug and then caught up with Harry who had already left the building. When I saw him outside his face was stern, a little disappointed maybe, angry. I just couldn't work him out. 


As we left the gym the only words he said was, 'I'll drive you home.' it was strange. His behaviour was making me feel scared, like when I first met him. When we arrived outside my house I looked over at him as he just sat in the driver’s seat saying nothing. He didn’t even get out helping me out like he usually does. He just sat there in silence. I'm not gunna lie. This pissed me off. Big time. I briskly got out of the car pulling my stuff out and slammed the door shut. I could tell Harry was shocked by my actions as he sharply turned to watch me pace around the car and to my door. I pulled my key out of my purse and unlocked the door entering the house and not looking at him once.


When I shut the door I let out an almighty groan and thought to myself.


There is no way, what Liam said was true. He didn’t like me and I most certainly did not like him.

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