Liam Payne has grew up only having two sisters, Ruth and Nicola. When his dad says he had a previous relationship with another woman and had a child, how will Liam react?

Lucy Parks is a normal girl from Chicago. She is in 10th grade and is an only child, she thinks. Her mom is very secretive. Don't get me wrong, they get along great. It's just her mom has many secrets to hide from Lucy. She has never met her dad, or siblings. Don't forget, she doesn't know she has siblings.
Lucy is very popular in her school and has many friends. Every guy at her school has asked her out, but she is not looking for a relationship at the moment. When something tragic happens to her mom, how will she react to moving to her dads' house and live with her dad, brother, and sisters?



2. Not What I Needed

Lucy's POV-

I open the door and let the police in my house. "Hello Lucy." they say as they sit on my couch. I sit down on the other couch and don't respond. I kind of shut down after my mom died. I only talked to Charlie and never left the house. It was about 5 days ago when it happened. "Lucy, we are very sorry about your loss. We have something to tell you though." they start. I just keep looking at the ground. "You are only 16 and you have no one to take care of you here. You are going to move to your dad's house in London." he says like it's nothing. "My dad?" I ask confusion pouring out of my voice. "Yeah have you ever met him?" one asks, suprised I'm speaking. "My mom never spoke about him. I figured he was dead." I whisper. "Wow. He is your real dad. He and your mom had you and a boy. He is older than you. Once you were born, he took the boy and your mom took you. He moved away in London. You two never knew about each other because you both were too young to remember. He found another woman, married her and had two daughters with her. Your brother was told she was her real mom. Now that you have no one to take care of, he is open to telling them about you and telling your brother about his real mom." he finishes. "I have a brother and half sisters?" I ask flabbergasted. "Yup. You have 2 days to pack your stuff. We will fly you over to London in your dad's private jet, so you can bring as much as you want. We will back in 2 days." he says getting up and leaving.

Dad? Brother? Half sisters? Private jet? London? All these questions run through my head.

"You can't just leave me." Charlie says as I pack. "I have to. Trust me I don't want to." I say throwing basically everything I have in my room. "Wait. I have an idea." I say smiling, pulling out my phone. I dial the number of the man who came and told me the news earlier today.

"Hello?" I hear his voice through the phone.

"I have a huge favor to ask you." I say smiling at the idea.

"Anything." he responds.

"After school ends here, can Charlie come and live with us?" I ask jumpy to know the answer.

Liam's POV-

"I have a sister?! My mom is dead?! She is not my real mom?!" I yell at my dad. "I know I should've told you. She didn't know until now either." he says. I can't believe my mom, I grew up with, isn't my real mom. My sisters, I grew uup thinking they were my sisters, are only my half sisters. I don't want to meet this girl. She will never be my sister. "Don't say that. She will be too." my dad says. I realized I said that outloud.


*2 Days Later*


Lucy's POV-

I walk off of the plane and look around for my dad. I don't really know who to look for, so I'm looking for someone who looks like my mom or me. I see a man and a boy walking towards me. I walk towards them and we awkardly stand there for a minute. "Lucy?" the man asks. I nod my head and he engulfs me in a hug. I hug back to. I've been feeling lonely since my mom died. "Lucy, dont cry." he says letting go of me. I didn't even realize I was crying until he said that. "I'm sorry. I've felt so empty since my mom, you know. I just really needed a hug." I say wiping my tears. "Well, I am your dad. This is Liam your brother. Your sisters are waiting for you at home." he says introducing me to Liam. I look over at him and he glares at me. "Hi." I say slightly annoyed he is acting so rudely. "Hi." he responds without a smile. What's wrong with this kid? "He is just getting used to the idea of having another sister. He is angry I never told him about his real mom and you." Dad whispers to me. He didn't do a good job because Liam heard and says, "Yes I'm angry. Listen let's just forget we are even related. Because we aren't!" he says storming away. "Mental note: Drama queen doesn't want me to remember he is my brother. Got it." I say quick on my feet. He hears and turns around and glares at me. "Haha, smart mouth. Geez this girl is a jerk." he mumbles under his breath. I feel tears well up in my eyes. This kid really doesn't like me.

Liam's POV-

"Liam!" my dad yells at me. Did I really just say that? I look over at Lucy and she looks on the verge of tears, staring at me, shocked I said that. Lucy's mom, my mom, just died and she has no family left. So she comes over here in hopes of a new start and I call her a jerk, barely 3 minutes into meeting her. I'm stupid. "Lucy." I say running over towards her. I make her look me in the eyes. "I'm sorry. That was stupid of me and I'm the real jerk. Please forgive me?" I ask her. She smiles and nods her head. "Let's start over." I say smiling. I walk away and pull dad with me. We stand back where we were and I point to her and we walk over to her. "Lucy?" dad asks smiling at my idea. She nods her head and he takes her into a hug. "Well, I'm your dad and this is Liam, your brother. Your sisters are waiting for you at home." he finsishes. Okay Liam. Your turn, don't mess this up again. "Hey Lucy, I'm Liam. I've been looking foward to meeting you." I say pulling her into a hug. She hugs me back and rests her head on my shoulder. I notice she is on her tippy toes, because she is really short. I'm probably 5 inches taller than her. We break apart and I take her hand and we head over to baggage claim and get her luggage.

We walk outside and dad and I are arguing over where we parked the car. I notice that Lucy is looking around with a shocked expression on her face. "Are you okay?" I ask her. "Amazing. This view is amazing." she whispers looking around at London. "I know. Now it's your home!" I say taking her hand again as I walk towards where I think we parked the car, ignoring dad's remarks. We find it after about 3 minutes of walking. "Told ya!" I shout in dad's face. He gently pushes me away and I laugh and let Lucy sit in the front seat. I look at her from where I'm sitting in the back. She is truly beautiful. She has brown hair (that matches mine perfectly) bright green eyes, lips that form the perfect smile, a nose that is the perfect size, she is skinny, but not too skinny, and she overall looks stunning. I'm not saying I like her, she is my sister ew. I'm just saying if I wasn't her sister, I would have a crush on her. I just hope her personality fits her beauty.

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