Liam Payne has grew up only having two sisters, Ruth and Nicola. When his dad says he had a previous relationship with another woman and had a child, how will Liam react?

Lucy Parks is a normal girl from Chicago. She is in 10th grade and is an only child, she thinks. Her mom is very secretive. Don't get me wrong, they get along great. It's just her mom has many secrets to hide from Lucy. She has never met her dad, or siblings. Don't forget, she doesn't know she has siblings.
Lucy is very popular in her school and has many friends. Every guy at her school has asked her out, but she is not looking for a relationship at the moment. When something tragic happens to her mom, how will she react to moving to her dads' house and live with her dad, brother, and sisters?



7. Missing You


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Niall's POV-

I just got home from dropping Lucy off, I had a great day with her, but I hope she didn't get in trouble. As soon as I sit down on my couch, my phone rang. I look to see Liam's name on my screen. She got caught. "Hello?" I ask on my phone. "WHERE IS LUCY?" he yells into my ear. "What do you mean?" I ask. I know for sure that she got into her house. "She came home, we caught her, we went up to her floor, and she was gone. Where is she?" he asks again. "I dropped her off and then I went home. I 100% don't know where she is." I say. "Are you sure?" he says. "I would never lie to you bro. I am actually very worried myself." I say. "Where do you think she went?" he asks. "Oh God." I whisper. "What?" he asks worried. "She's going to Chicago." I say. "Meet me at the airport in 30 minutes." he says. "Okay, see ya then." I say. "Bye." he says and hangs up.

Lucy's POV-

I just got off of the very long flight back to Chicago. It feels so nice to be back. I get a rental car, with some emergency money that Dad gave me, which I used that for my plane ticket, yet he won't be too happy. I drive towards the direction of my house and see that there is another family in it. I pull in front of the house and park my car. I get out and lock the door. I carefully walk up to the front door and knock on it. I woman that looks around the age of my mom before she passed. "Hello there dear." she smiles. "Hi. Umm, my name is Lucy and I used to live here. I now live in London. I was wondering if I could look around inside just to see it again." I say. "Of course! Come in! I'm Jen, nice to meet you." she smiles. "Nice to meet you too." I say and walk inside. Gosh I miss this place. She invites me to sit down in the living room. A girl my age comes in and sits next to me. "Hello! I am Olivia but you can call me Liv!" she smiles. "I'm Lucy!" I smile back. "So what brings you to my house?" she asks, she's very bubbly and I like that in her. I wish I was that bubbly. "Actually, this was my house before you guys moved in here." I say. "Why did you move out?" Jen nicely asks. "Well my mom passed away and my mom never told me about my dad. Well a day or two after my mom's funeral, policemen came to my house and told me I was too young to live by myself so I had to go to my dad's house in London, yet I never knew my dad. Well we just got in a fight, and I needed to come home, so here I am." I say finishing my story. "Oh honey, I'm sorry we even asked." Jen says. "No I needed to speak about it." I say. "I know how you feel. My dad died when I was 10 and it was a really hard thing to go through." Liv says. I just engulf her in a hug, as we both cry in each other's arms.

After we sober up from crying, we realized that we get along great. We talked about her older brother who has moved to Australia and how I just met Liam, Nicola, and Ru and about Niall being my boyfriend, and she even knew who Charlie is from school, and they're really good friends. We just kept talking and talking for about an hour and a half. We also traded numbers because we all know I am going to have to go back to London soon. I also looked around the house again and reminisced old memories of growing up with mom and Charlie as Liv listened to every story I had.

"Well, I should get going. Thank you for letting me come in and talk with you guys! I think I just found my girl best friend." I smile at Liv and hug her. "No problem!" she says. "It was great meeting you and you are welcome here anytime!" Jen smiled. I hugged her too, then I said my farewells.

I decide to drive to the cemetery to see my mom. I haven't visited her since she died which was about 2 weeks ago. I'm surprised that I haven't been more depressed. I guess with everything that's going on, I haven't had time to be depressed.

I walk towards her grave and sit down in front of it. "Hey mommy. I miss you. More than you can imagine. I understand now. You did have some pretty big secrets, but I don't hate you for it like you thought I would. London is interesting. Dad and Liam are really protective. That kind of is why I am here today. Us three got in a fight and I needed to come see you again. I know I'll have to go back and Dad will probably ground me for life for leaving the country, but I needed to. Today I went back to our house. I met these to lovely people, Liv and Jen. Jen is Liv's mother and I think I found my girl bestie forever. Liv's dad, Jen's husband, actually died. So we had something in common and it brought us closer together. Ruth and Nicola are two very sweet girls and they are great sisters. I even met Liam's band. Did you know he is part of the biggest boyband in the world named One Direction?! I've looked up their music and they are really good. There is also this boy Niall. He is in Liam's band and he is 2 years older than me. He is the sweetest and cutest boy in the world. He is also my boyfriend! He means the world to me and I won't let him get away from me. He is actually Irish and I am in love with his accent! The other boys are sweet too and they seem like great friends. I am not looking forward to school though. I am trying to tell dad that I could finish school here, but he doesn't want me here. I could live with Charlie or Liv and I could finish the year here, but again he is Mr. Strict so I probably won't. I only have 1 more year left, so what's the point of moving to a new school? I am almost 100% positive that I am going to college outside of London. I am thinking Ireland, Australia, New York, or here in Chicago, but I'm not sure yet. Well anyways, I love and miss you like crazy mum. Look at me I'm already saying British terms like mum. I am going to try to come here often, it feels good to tell you everything. I love you mom." I say and wipe my tears that I shed as I was speaking. I just stare at her name on the tomb.

"Lucy?" someone asks. I look around to see who it could be. "Charlie!" I say and hug him as tight as I can. "Oh my gosh I missed you." he says, as he hugs me back. "I missed you too." I say. "What are you doing here?" I ask him. "I was going to see mom." by mom he meant my mom, his mom, our mom. "Me too." I say. "What are you doing here?" he asks. "I had a fight with my family so I snuck away to come here." I say. "You little rebel. Let's go back to my place, yeah? Maybe sing some too?" he says. "I would love to." I smile as we begin to walk to his house.



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