Liam Payne has grew up only having two sisters, Ruth and Nicola. When his dad says he had a previous relationship with another woman and had a child, how will Liam react?

Lucy Parks is a normal girl from Chicago. She is in 10th grade and is an only child, she thinks. Her mom is very secretive. Don't get me wrong, they get along great. It's just her mom has many secrets to hide from Lucy. She has never met her dad, or siblings. Don't forget, she doesn't know she has siblings.
Lucy is very popular in her school and has many friends. Every guy at her school has asked her out, but she is not looking for a relationship at the moment. When something tragic happens to her mom, how will she react to moving to her dads' house and live with her dad, brother, and sisters?



4. Meeting The Lads

Lucy's POV-

I wake up and turn off the T.V. I look at my phone and see it is 9 a.m. in the morning. I must've slept through the night and missed dinner. Oh well. I go to my bathroom and fix my hair. Then I press the button that goes down for the elevator. Once the doors open, I press the button with the 1 on it and wait for the doors to close.

I walk into the living room after getting out of the elevator. "Morning Lucy. We missed you at dinner." Dad says as I hug him. "Yeah I fell asleep." I say walking over to sit on the couch with Liam next to me and Ru and Nicola are on the other couch. "Morning." Liam says, hugging me. "Morning, bro." I say and hug him back. I say good morning to the girls and hug them also. "Dad can I ask you something?" I ask. "Sure honey." he responds. "Where is your wife." I say. "Umm, we got a divorce a year ago." he says. "I'm sorry." I mumble. "It's fine honey." Dad says, smiling at me.

"Do you know how to drive?" Nicola asks, changing the subject. "I do actually." I say. "Well, we'll need to get you a car then. For now you can use Liam's or Ru's car okay?" Dad asks. "Thank you. It may take me some time getting used to driving on the opposite side of the road and opposite side of the car!" I say as we all laugh.

"What are we doing today?" I ask. "My mates are coming over to meet you." Liam says smiling at me. "Well, I'll go get ready then." I say getting up and heading upstairs.

After I finish my shower, I put on my 'Hipsta Please' over the shoulder sweatshirt , red skinny jeans, high tops, and to finish off my outfit, I curl my hair and put a red snapback on.

I hear talking as the elevator opens. I step out and see 4 lads, Liam, Dad, Nicola, and Ru all talking. "Lucy!" a tall lad with a striped shirt yells running over to me and attacking me in a hug. Liam drags him off of me and I stand there awkwardly. "She has a little of each of us in her." one with an irish accent says. "Lou with the red skinny jeans, Niall with the snapback, Zayn with the hightops, Harry with the sweatshirt, and Liam with her looks." Nicola says.

We all say hello and turns out Harry and I are matching shirts, Lou and I with jeans, Niall and I with the snapbacks, and Zayn and I with hightops. Of course Liam and I with our looks.

We all talk for a while and I get to know them better. "Wait. You 5 lads look very fimiliar." I trail off looking at them. "Love, we're One Direction." Zayn says. "I KNOW YOU GUYS!" I say jumping up and fangirling. They laugh at me and I eventually settle down. "That's why you guys are so rich." I mumble and they yet again, laugh at me.

After a while I stand up and grab my phone. "Where you going?" Louis asks. "To explore. Can I use someones car for the day?" I ask my siblings. "How about if I take you?" Niall offers. "Sure. I would like that." I say as I walk towards the door with him. "BYE GUYS! NIALL AND I ARE EXPLORING!!" I yell before we jump into his car and begin our adventure.

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