Liam Payne has grew up only having two sisters, Ruth and Nicola. When his dad says he had a previous relationship with another woman and had a child, how will Liam react?

Lucy Parks is a normal girl from Chicago. She is in 10th grade and is an only child, she thinks. Her mom is very secretive. Don't get me wrong, they get along great. It's just her mom has many secrets to hide from Lucy. She has never met her dad, or siblings. Don't forget, she doesn't know she has siblings.
Lucy is very popular in her school and has many friends. Every guy at her school has asked her out, but she is not looking for a relationship at the moment. When something tragic happens to her mom, how will she react to moving to her dads' house and live with her dad, brother, and sisters?



5. Ahh the Luck of the Irish

Lucy's POV-

"Thanks for taking me Niall! I had a great day with you!" I smile as we walk into the door of my house. "No problem! I had a great day with you too!" he smiles. He looks at me and we both start to lean in but Louis and Liam walk in. We back away like a million feet from each other. "I'm going to bed. Night Niall." I smile sweetly at him and then run to the elevator. Luckily it was fast enough for me to get in, without anyone else getting in. I got into my room then locked my floor elevator. That means that no one can stop on my level because I locked it.

I know that Liam and Louis saw us almost kiss, and I don't want him bothering me about it. I really like Niall, I hope he likes me too.

My phone buzzes in my pocket. I take it out and notice that I have a new text.

From: Nialler <3

hey Lucy. I just wanted to say I had an amazing day with you. Sorry, the lads had to ruin the end of it. :/

To: Nialler <3

I had an amazing day with you too. It's not your fault, and it did not ruin it at all. Maybe we could finish it another time. . . ;)

From: Nialler <3

Haha, clever one you are! ;) how about now?

To: Nialler <3

thanks (: now?

From: Nialler <3

yeah, I'll distract the boys in the living room, just sneak out the back door. (:

To: Nialler <3

you've turned me into a bad girl, Horan. And I love it. See you in a few mins (:

From: Nialler <3

I'm happy to help. ;) see you soon.

I close my phone and begin operation: Sneak out without the boys knowing. On the way down, I stop on Nicola's floor. "Hey Nicola?" I yell through her floor. She walks out of her kitchen, eating a slice of pizza. "I need your help." I say. "With what?" she asks. "I'm sneaking out and I need you to cover for me." I say. "Does this have to do something with an Irish lad, by the name of Niall?" she asks. "Maybe. I need to go now though!" I say. "No problem, I'll tell Ruth too." she smiles. "Thanks!" I say and run to the elevators. "Have fun with your Romeo, Juliet!" she yells and I roll my eyes and laugh.

I hear the boys in the living room, I hear Niall talking to them. I grin, as our plan is working. I run to the kitchen and open the door and then run out. I climb into Niall's car and send him a text saying I'm in his car. He comes out after a few minutes.

"Hey Lucy." he smiles at me as he starts his car. "Hello Niall." I smile. He grabs my hand and gently squeezes it. "Where are we going?" I ask. "The beach." he smiles. I smile too, I love the beach, especially at night.

Once we get there, we get out and he takes my hand. We sit on the beach and look at the moon shimmering on the water. "It's beautiful." I whisper. "I know you are." he whispers. I look at him and smile. "That's so cheesy." I giggle. "Yeah, but it got you to smile." he says. "True." I agree.

We stare into each other's eyes and suddenly our lips touch. Our mouths move in perfect sync. He gently lays me on the sand under us. He lays on top of me, but I don't mind. My hands tangle in his hair and his hands are on my neck. My legs are wrapped around his torso, but he doesn't seem to mind. We break for a second. "You're perfect for me. Will you be my girlfriend?" he asks. I just smash my lips on his again. He smiles through the kiss and that makes me smile.

He picks me up as he stands up and he walks us somewhere. We still haven't broke the kiss. I feel water crash against us and I break apart. He smirks at me. "No! Please! No!" I beg, hanging on him for dear life. He smirks again and then throws me in the water. I hold my breath until I get to the surface again. "You're lucky I can swim." I smirk, pulling him down towards me. Our foreheads rest on each others. He surprises me and kisses me.

I never want this moment to end.

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