Hannah Evans is tired of 'boys only' so she tries to make a difference on the other hand she tries to spend more time with her father because all the time he has work.
Then Ty Hanna's BFF wants to tell something very personal.


1. my life


 Hello I am Hanna Evans, a seventeen year old girl living in a small city. With only a couple of friends. I lost my mom when I was four. Now I just have a dad that works all the time. I love to play sports but I have been told I can't join the basketball team because I am a girl.Man I hated hearing boys only. As i walk down the halls I see all the boys from the team mocking me. So what they do not know what it is like being a girl. ''Hey Hanna whats up.'' Ty said. Ty is my best friend so as Marlene. ''Rejected by the basketball team AGAIN.'' I said sadly.''Hey Han.'' Marlene said. ''Hey.'' ''Why so glum.'' Marlene said. She is very sensitive that is why she can lets say 'feel my emotions'.'' Basketball team.''Ty said. At least it is Friday.


 I walk everyday home with Ty.I have always had a litte crush on Ty I just can not resist it. He is very dorky andcute. Marlene lives half-an hour away from me.''So do you know whats up with Mr.Barks.''Ty said. ''No idea he was not that hard on us today.'' I said. Then i walk to the door to house I see note


Honey I will be at work tonight love you :D

Well another problem I love my dad but he has no time for me. Always work work work. The I go upstairs to do my homework. Then I got a text.

T: hey do u know the answer 4 # 12?

H: helium 

T: k thx


Ty's pov


I did not need the answer for our homework I just wanted to start talking to get to the conversation. I needed to tell her a secret I is just that I am a wimp I can't do it. So hard to say four words. Then I started to type until. ''Ty dinner is ready.'' UUGGHH my mom I guess I will do it later.


So tell me what You think thanks for reading



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