Hannah Evans is tired of 'boys only' so she tries to make a difference on the other hand she tries to spend more time with her father because all the time he has work.
Then Ty Hanna's BFF wants to tell something very personal.


4. It's okay I am happy for you


  Well yesterday was horrible. I had to do a 7 page review on The Epic Poem. I already knew what it was about. Then as see Ty and I walked over. He kissed me on the cheek and I bushed cause I knew some people were watching. " Uh Hannah I have been chosen to go to UPANY the school next week.'' He said. "That's aswome Ty." I said exited." But the school is in New York.''

"What but then...''I stuttered."I know I haven't made a final answer. Are you okay.''He asked."It's okay I am happy for you it is your dream school i do not want to ruin it for you.''I said then I walked away.Then in my room with Marlene I am sobbing.She told me ''I f someone loves you and there back it is meant to be if it does not it isn't meant to be.''

[This song matches with theme]


*****4 weeks later*****


 I have kinda gotten over Ty. Then as I walk through the halls I see a poster that stands up to bulling it reminded me of the boy that I saw 4 weeks ago. So when I went home I got straight to my laptop with Marlene and searched up the website and applied to be a helper at the recreation room by the park near me. On Saturday I walked to the park it was about 10 minute walk then I left Marlene behind because she bought  us waterbottles. Then I saw five boys that was One Direction. I mean O N E D I R E C T I O N!! [YES I am a fangirl].




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