Hannah Evans is tired of 'boys only' so she tries to make a difference on the other hand she tries to spend more time with her father because all the time he has work.
Then Ty Hanna's BFF wants to tell something very personal.


2. Alone


Great my dad left me home all alone for the weekend. Then a phone call."hello"I said"hey what's up." Ty said. "Well home alone again as usuall."I said with dissapointment. "I wish my mom was still alive to keep me company." "Do not think abou the past focas on the future it is a gift." "Thanks how about I come over."I said "yeah sure." Then I hung up got dressed in a graphic tee and jeans it was kinda cold. Then I walked two blocks to Ty's house.


Ty's pov

I was getting ready to talk to Hannah. I have to confess to her one way or another. Then there was a knock on the door. "Hey."I said. She looked so cute. Yes I did have a crush on her. Then we walked up to my room and we sat on my bed." So umm Hannah I want to tell you something I like you so uh will you go out with me."


Hannah's pov

Omg I just froze there like an idiot. Secretly I really like him."yess."I exclaimed. Good thing because I was going to confess to him. Then my visit to his house turned into a sleepover at my house. We watched night in the museum and journey to the centre of the earth. I liked Ty but I never loved him this much. I never felt this way about anyone. 

I woke up in Ty's arm knowing that I am safe. Then I went to the kitchen to make breakfast. "Where do you think you are going." Ty said wrapping his arms around my waist." I am going to make breakfast."I said."No kiss me first." Then I kissed him and tired to escape his arms."Hey don't let me go no breakfast."Fine."He said grumpily. I knew he was a keeper.

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