Crazies & Crushes

Ally's crazy fan girl Jenny shows up and follows Ally everywhere but Adam helps Jenny get over her obsession and when he sees the real her he develops a crush on her and asks Austin to help him get her sequel to Fake Dates & Fan Pages


4. Helping Out & Hooting Owls

Adam: okay so it's okay to be a fan of somebody but don't try to be them just be you

Jenny: okay that sounds like something I would do 

Adam: of course everyone wants to be excepted but not everybody will except you just focus on the ones that do

Jenny: thanks Adam for doing for me 

Adam: sure i'd rather not have to Allys 

Jenny: what's first 

Adam: go put on something you would wear

Jenny: okay I'll go do that (leaves) 

(10 minutes pass Jenny walks up) 

Adam: (thinking to himself) oh my god she's hot 

(goes to the practice room) 

Ally: c'mon Austin help me what should the song be about 

Austin: how about owls 

Ally: wow Austin how did you.... Did you just look at my phone case 

Austin: maybe

Ally: maybe this (she kisses him) 

Austin: thanks but that didn't help 

Ally: well that was a waist 

Austin: no wait Ally I have an idea 

Ally: what is it 

Austin: how about a love song

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