Crazies & Crushes

Ally's crazy fan girl Jenny shows up and follows Ally everywhere but Adam helps Jenny get over her obsession and when he sees the real her he develops a crush on her and asks Austin to help him get her sequel to Fake Dates & Fan Pages


2. Big Heads & Bad Cooks

Ally: I have a fan I have a fan 

Adam: SHUT UP! 

Dez: okay 

Trish: not you you idiot 

Dez: rude 

Austin: c'mon guys Ally's just excited 

Adam: yeah a little 

Trish: hey guys  wanna come to work with me I got a job at lasagna world 

Dez: LASAGNA! Awesome sauce! 

(Goes to lasagna world) 

Austin : it's been an hour when is Trish bringing our food 

Dez: leave her alone you jerk 

Adam: why do you care terd 

Dez: what! 

Adam: yeah I said it 

Dez: well at least I'm not a loser tooth

Adam: (gasps) TERD! 


Adam: TERD

Austin: SHUT UP 

Trish: (walks up) here you go (lays down a giant plate of slop)


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