Crazies & Crushes

Ally's crazy fan girl Jenny shows up and follows Ally everywhere but Adam helps Jenny get over her obsession and when he sees the real her he develops a crush on her and asks Austin to help him get her sequel to Fake Dates & Fan Pages


3. Big Heads & Bad Cooks part 2

Adam: um I suddenly lost my apatite 

Ally: me too 

Austin: yep 

Dez: lets go 

Trish: hey wait why are you leaving 

Adam: (sees Jenny outside) uh... I have to go help Jenny stop being obsessed with Ally 

Ally: aw I like having someone being obsessed with me

(Adam leaves) 

Ally: and me Austin need to write a new song 

(They leave) 

Dez: I'll stay 

Trish: thanks 

Dez: Trish I have something to tell you 

Trish: what's up 

Dez: I like you

Trish: Dez I..

Dez: you what 

Trish: come with me

(goes to the kitchen) 

Dez: why are we in here 

Trish: so we can be alone


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