Crazies & Crushes

Ally's crazy fan girl Jenny shows up and follows Ally everywhere but Adam helps Jenny get over her obsession and when he sees the real her he develops a crush on her and asks Austin to help him get her sequel to Fake Dates & Fan Pages


5. Babes & Bumps

(Adam walks into the practice room) 

Adam: Austin you have to help me 

Austin: sure with what 

Adam: you know that girl Jenny well I helped her get over her Ally obsession and she looks really pretty how do I ask her out 

Austin: just ask her out like I asked Ally on our first date 

Adam: you mean play clarinet golf and use my middle name 

Austin: okay so not that 

Ally: ugh Adam just straight up ask her out 

Adam: okay see you guys later 

(He leaves Trish and Dez walk in) 

Dez: I can't believe you punched me 

Trish: you tried to kiss me 

Dez: I thought you wanted me to

Trish: ewe no you TERD 


Trish: TERD 


Ally: SHUT UP 

Austin: you just told them to shut up 

Ally: yeah it felt good 

Austin: oh I love you 

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