Happy ever after?

Have you ever wondered what it might be like to be the most prettiest and popular girl in town?
Going to school with justin bieber?
But as you read on more you realise some of the struggles that you might face as a consequence of having this title..


2. What have I just seen??

--read at own risk!!!!!!!

Courtney POV
As I walked into Justin's house I heard a noise but just brushed it off 'Justin'

'j-justin where are you?'

I walked upstairs to check his room as I did I walked past the guest bedroom
Me and justin are brought up in very wealthyfamilie so our houses where classed as mansions ect. but I didn't think they where that big just another reason why me and justin get along because we both know what it's like and how hard it is to pick and choose your real friends.
I heard that noise again but it was much closer this time and sounded to high pitched to be Justin's.. I carried on walking until I was stood outside Justin's room I opens the door an was gods makes at what I saw I quickly slammed the door shut ran downstairs grabbed my stuff and went,I can't believe he would do that!he knew I was in my way round so why would he do that to me??
Did he want me to be jealous or did he just want to ruin our friendship because he was doing that o'right!!!

Justin POV
I was getting ready for Courtney to come round when I heard the doorbell go off so I jumped up and answered it thinking it would be Courtney but it wasn't it was selena.
'Oh hey selena,urm may I ask what your doing here?'

'I came to see you silly'

'what do you want?'


'right now isn't the best time so please could you leave'

before I knew it he was in my room on my bed patting it telling me to go and sit down with her. I sat down on my bed as I turned around to tell selena to leve she was undoing the top button of her shirt and unbuttoning her pants..

Selenas POV 
I knew that justin got sent home for the day and had invited that both Courtney round so I went over to have some fun with justin;)
I took off all my clothes and could see justin was staring at my body 'like what you see baby?'

He soon snapped out of his gaze and told me to leave but I didn't I sat on his lap and started to give him a lap dance to suduce him.it worked

Justin POV
I was sat down on the bed telling selena to leave but before I knew she was in my lap in her lacy Victoria secret underwear give me a lap dance. I didn't know what to do and I have totally forgot about Courtney coming round.
I grabbed selena arse and pulled her onto the bed ad climbed on top of her I started to gently kiss his neck making my way down to her boobs I started to suck hard earning a moan from her.she flipped me over so she was sat on me and starts to thurst her hips into mine making me want her more and more she started to suck my neck and make her way down the the lining if my boxers.

Selenas POV
As I made my way down past his abs I could see him getting hard so I teased him more and more and eventually pulled down his pants along with his boxers and saw jerry..I looked up at justin and he started at me for a few seconds but ten threw his head back getting ready for the pleasure he was about to receive.
I grabbed hold of jerry and placed him in my mouth I started to suck on him as I bobbed my head up and down giving him a blowjob 'uh,harder selena' he moaned along with other things I started to suck harder and harder until I knew he was going to reach his climax I carried on UNTILL I felt a warm liquid squirt down my throat.

'Your amazing selena'

'I've not finished with you yet'

 as soon as those work came out if my mouth he flipped me over and started to bite my earlobe and whisper in my ear making me wet he unclasped my bra and threw it to the other side of his room he made his way down to my belly keaving kisses and bit on the lining of my sexy thongs he professionally pulled them down by his mouth. 'Stop teasing me' I moane as his was placing wet utterly kisses on my inner thigh.

'Im not teasing you'  

 'Justin I want you' 'what do you want me to do to you?'

 'I want you to fuck me' i screamed as I could t take any more if his teasing 'well today is you lucky day' and with that I felt jerry go inside of me.

Justins POV 
Me and selena where reaching out climaxes when I heard the front door open I ignored it as I was busy;) I was at my climax when my door opened and I saw Courtney's face.i had totally forgot about her coming round I quickly pulled out if selena and chased after Courtney..what have I just done,why on earth did I do that?i have ruined everything and most of all lost the person that meant nose to me all because if that stupors bitch upstairs.
As I started to wonder why selena had never called until today I got it,the final piece if the jigsaw!
She didn't like Courtney and wanted to make her jealous thats why she did the lap dance and wore the sexy underwear! How could I have been so stupid and not have realised it before????

Selenas POV 
Yes,I thought to myself I had done it now I can have justin all to my self!
What did he see in that slag anyway I am 100x better than her an plus I'm famous where as that courtney girl she's a nobody!!!!!


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