Happy ever after?

Have you ever wondered what it might be like to be the most prettiest and popular girl in town?
Going to school with justin bieber?
But as you read on more you realise some of the struggles that you might face as a consequence of having this title..


4. Should i?

**3 days later**

 Courtney's POV

i had been ignoring justin since you know what happened.He wont stop calling or texting me and its getting really annoying, he knew how i felt towards him and selena so why would he do that? right in front of me when he knew i was coming?did he do it on purpose?

All these question where running through my head i started to feel dizzy so i sat down on my bed just as i sat down my phoyene started to buzz.

Yeah you guessed it,justin was calling once again.why he ever going to stop?

I anwsered it because i thought that i did and spoke to him he would leave me alone and take the hint that i dont want to talk to him!

*Phone convo*

J: Hello,courtney?

C: yeah,what do you want?

J: im sorr-

i cut him off before he could even finish whatever it was he was saying,all my emotions where pumping through my blood along with alot of addrenaline,i blurted out all of the emotion i had been bottleing up for the past few days..

C: No justin save it,i dont want to hear anything you have to say, it broke my heart seeing you two like that on your bed.You know how i feel towards selena  but yet you where having sex?Justin i know i cant tell yuo what to do but you knew i was coming round,YOU WHERE THE ONE WHO INVITED ME!!!!! justin you hvae actually broke my heart and to think i could trust you,ha well how stupid am i and i guess im even stupider for falling in love with you

J: What?you fell in love with me?

Thats when i frooze,i didnt know what to do. Do i put the phone down? Do i tell him that i love him?

i just put the phone down feel back resting my head on my pillow the next thing i know my pillow was soaked from crying. if its possible to run out of tears that what happened.i simply didnt have any more tears left to cry.


Justin's POV:

Did i just hear that? Did courtney just say that she loved me?

If only she knew what really happened and how selena planned it all justso she could have me back.

I love courtney to more than anyone will ever know but i just had to make her realise that i feel the same way about her when my phone started to buzz. I hadnt realised that courtnye had put the phone down because i was daydreaming and sorting out a plan to win her back. My phone buzzed again i looked at it and immediatly pressed the red button ignoring the caller.

I knew i had to do something and fast if there was still a way to get courtney back it had to be now before it was to late.

I grabbed my car keys and put everything that i would need in the back of my car.I rushed out of my drive way not stoping for any red lights i was just to busy thinking about courtney i know i was stupid to drive like this and somebody could of got hurt but they didnt!

20 minuets of continues driving I finally reached her house safe and uninjured from my reckless driving.

i grabbed what i needed from my car and headed over to the back of her house where i knew her bedroom window would be.

She had to be in her bedroom because thats where she goes when she goes home,she doesnt stay downstairs with her parents.

I pressed play on the huge stereo and it began to play the instrumental for 'fall' i began to sing my heart out putting meaning to every single note i hit and word i sung.


Courtney POV

I heard talking coming from my back garden/yard but i didnt know what was going on and u really could be bothered getting up to see what was happening after 30seconds or so i htought the noise would of stoped but i didnt i was starting to get scared and my mind as usual was overthing,what if it was a seriall killer and as soon as you go and check to see whats going on there going to shoot you.

I put that thought to the back of my head and started to walk to the french doors leading to my balcony.

I just stood their froozen probably from the shock of seeing justin in my back yard singing fall to me.he was holding a giant stereo which was playing the insturmental whilst he sung he heart out putting a mean to every word he said.

I rushed out of my room and headed for the stairs after reaching the bottom step i quickly rushed to the back door and unlocked it. I ran out spotting justin just stood there still singing but with a upet look on his face still facing my window. I think he thought that i had gone inside and ignored him but he was so wrong i quickend my pace and hurried along over to justin. When i finally reached him i stood infront of him and waited untill he had finished the song untill me or him would say something.

J: Im sorry courtney,if you let me explain what really happpened because trust me its not what it looked like!

C:Well tell me then because im very interested in how it didnt look like you two where both having sex!! i said with an angry tone in my vioce hopeing that he would sense it and he did.

J:im sorry courtney,please dont be mad i hate seeing you like this and knowing that im the reason whyyour so upset.

C: Justin i cant be arsed listening to you are you going to tell me what happened or not and if you lie to me i will know so i want the truth.

J:and that is what your going to get!

He began telling me what actually happened and how selena planned to suduce justin when i was there to make us not be friends so she could have him all to herself.

After he finished explain i felt so stupid and guilable to actually think she would even plan to split up our friendship just makes me realise the extremes some people will go through to get what they want!


Junstin's POV:

After we had sorted everything out and things where back to being normal again i still had something on my mind but i didnt know if i should bring it up yet or later?was it to soon?

i went ahead and asked her any way..


C:Yes juju?

i gigled at the nickname she called me,i hadnt heard it in a few days and those few days of being apart brought me to realise how deeply inlove i am with courtney and i was prepared to do just about anything to show her.

J:What you said on the phone,did you really mean it?

C:Mean what?

J:When you said i love you..





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