Happy ever after?

Have you ever wondered what it might be like to be the most prettiest and popular girl in town?
Going to school with justin bieber?
But as you read on more you realise some of the struggles that you might face as a consequence of having this title..


6. If only!

I'm starting to get run out of ideas for this story so please comment ideas!!!!!!!

**The next day**

Justin's POV:

I was so happy that me and Courtney have sorted things out and we where back to how things where before the 'incident' if not thing between us are better because we know how each is feeling and we don't have to hide It from each other anymore.
This is the best I felt in a very long time!
But I want to take thing further with Courtney,like be in a relationship with her but I don't know how to ask her or express my feelings which is quite funny because of my reputation of the 'badass bieber' who is a player and uses girls for only one thing,but I cringed at the thought of it,picturing back to how I used to treat girls.courtney had changed me but she doesn't even know it!

Courtney's POV:

I lay on my bed with my eye staring at the ceiling trying to recap what actually happened yesterday,I want to be more than friends with justin but I have a rule when it comes to relationships and that NEVER ASK A BOY OUT HOWEVER MUCH YOU LIKE THEM,WAIT UNTILL HE ASKS YOU OUT!!!!!
I have that rule for many different reason a few being that if the boy did really like you he should be able to ask you. Number 2 if he doesn't ask you out it shows that he never really liked you and you better off without him. Number 3 it's tradition and shows you that the boy is a true gentlemen when it comes to women!

I heard my phone vibrate on the bedside table.
I leaped across the bed and look at the caller I.D it was justin!

{Phone Convosation!!}
J:Hi baby 
We called each other baby and flirty names;)
C:Did you want something
J:Well come to think off it yes I do
*no one spoke for 30seconds because you thought he was going to carry on but he didn't*
C:And that is?
My stomachs was doing kart wheels and felt like fireworks exploding!
C:aw,juj if this is your way of asking me out make it abit more romantic and maybe just maybe ill say yes!
I said in a flirty but suductive tone
J:okay,but please stop doing that tone of voice
C:Why,Dont you like it?
I carried on with the suductive tone
J:yes but you don't realise how much it makes me want you!
J:What?sorry I'm a guy and I told you to stop but you carried on so I had to tell you;)
Even thoug I couldn't see him I knew he was do a cheeky smirk!
C:Okay,whatever babe and I was wondering if you wanted to come round to mine for the day?  My parents have just gone out so I'm all alone..I said in a baby voice pretending that I'm scared
J:aw,well yeah I have nothing else to do so why not? What time shall I be round?
C:any time I would like it if you came now though..
He knew what I was going to say but he just wanted to hear me say it!
C:so then I get the whole day to spend with you and maybe even all the night;)
J:okay ill come round now and we'll carry on this conversation when I get there,okay?
C:okay bye baby
J:bye princess
**you out the phone down**
Your stomach was exploding because he just called you 'princess' who knew he could do this to you?
I was lay in bed not bothering to get up or even attempt to make an effort as justin has already seen me and how I look in a morning so I just tucked myself back under the sheet and lay my head on the pillow slowly feeling my eyelids getting heavier forcing me to shut my eyes sending me off into a nice peaceful deep sleep!


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