Happy ever after?

Have you ever wondered what it might be like to be the most prettiest and popular girl in town?
Going to school with justin bieber?
But as you read on more you realise some of the struggles that you might face as a consequence of having this title..


3. Feelings


Justin POV
I just can't get the picture out if my head of when I saw Courtney's face her eyes where filled with sadness,anger,hate,betray,disappointment,hurt..ad I hated that I was the person who made her feel like this..I felt sick just thinking about what I had done to her..but I don't understand why she reacted the way she did it wasn't asif she liked me?or did she?
Shit if she did like me and she has just seen that I have blew what ever chance I had with her and becoming more than friends with her!!
What have I done?why couldn't I just turn back time and make none if that stuff with Selena happen?

Courtney POV 
My phone had blew up in calls,messages,FaceTime,emails ect' any form off communication that was possible justin tried but I kept declining and I was determined not to talk to him..
Why should I talk to him when he has just broke my heart and made me feel like someone has just cut me open ripped my heart out and stamped on it right in front of me? Thats how I felt and the one person on this earth who I cared most about and knew i could trust did that to me and made me feel this way! Why would he do that to me??
I know we wasn't together but he knew how I felt about him and what I felt like when a girl stared at him nevermind having sex with him. 
he has blew it and big time!! 

Justin POV
I knew what I had done..and I knew that I had blown what ever chance I ever had of ever being more than friends wit Courtney
I didn't know if I should chase after her or just give we time to herself to calm down so I decided to just keep ringing her,texting her,any form of communication to get hold of Courtney.
She couldn't ignore me forever,could she? 
I had this funny feeling in my stomach  but I didn't know what it was but I knew that I wasn't sick so what was it that I was feeling?anxious,scared,upset?
I just wish I knew what to do,why does my life have to be so damn complicated?????




A/N:just wanted to say thankyou for everyone's feedback and people who favorite and liked it means alot and I will try to update more often and also I'm sorry for any spelling mistakes ect. 


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