Happy ever after?

Have you ever wondered what it might be like to be the most prettiest and popular girl in town?
Going to school with justin bieber?
But as you read on more you realise some of the struggles that you might face as a consequence of having this title..


1. Do I have to?

Courtney's   POV 
'COURTNEYYYYYY..get up and get ready for school your going to be late'

Urghhhh why couldnt she just give me 5 extra minuets in bed was it to much to ask for?

Do i have to?i mean really what is the piont i never learn anything anyway!!

'Okay mum,I'm getting ready now'
I dragged my self out if bed and got ready after finishing my daily routine of getting a nice refreshing shower to wake me up,brushing my teeth, applying a light amount if makeup and doing my hair after i I chose my outfit i went to out it in.I picked out a cute crop top that came above my belly button so you could see my piercing and a pair of high waisted denim ombré shorts and finished the look with black vans which had white soles  I wore a few accessories and was ready to go.
When I finally arrived at school I was the girl everyone tried to impress and become best friends with..
I was just an average girl but had a reputation for being a 'party animal' but I wasn't a bitch or a bully..I hated them type if girl and if I ever did come across a person like that I made sure they got what they deserved,so yes you could say I was a fighter but i could stick up for myself and plus i wouldnt fight unless I needed to.
I got up to my locker entered my pass code and placed my stuff that I didn't need in there and headed if to my first lesson which was dreaded science.........    how I hate school!!!!
I walked into science and sat down at my desk 
'hey gorgeous'

'hey justin'

'you two stop mumbling at the back'

'so how are you baby?'

'Yeah I'm fine I guess'

'I said stop talking next time I catch you two your going to the principles office!'

'What did you do at the weekend,miss me;)?'

'Right that's it Justin bieber and Courtney go to the principles office,ive had enough of you two!'

Yes,JUSTIN BIEBER teen heart throb and sensation went to my school because his management thought he needed to socialise and try to get an experience of school life and abit of normality an yes me and justin are friends maybe with be benefits but nothing more than a little fun. But I really wish it was more than friends I really did like justin and every girl that looked at him I would give them a dirty look because I liked him,but I didn't know how to tell him so one day I just told him how I felt because it was hurting inside keeping all the emotions and how I felt for him hidden away!

Justin POV 
Me and Courtney got sent to the principles office once again,I wasn't surprised we always got sent out because if talking and distracting each other,well me distracting we most of the time but I can't help it's she's beautiful with her chestnut coloured hair that falls perfectly to her waist and transparent blue eyes that told a million story just but looking at you she was perfect but she didn't know that I thought that and I want to keep it that way. 
She did ince tell me howshe felt about me an that she liked me but i dint think she still feels that way about me ad if i tell her how i feel she would think I'm insane and reject me but I like the thing we have going on its sort if like friends with benefits but I really want to be more than her friend I really did like her and everytime she look at me I got goosebumps running down my spine and shivers that made the hair on my arms and legs stand up! I don't know if I should tell her how I feel or if it would ruin the thing we have already. damn you feelings!!!!

usage a hand wave in front if my face and I quickly snapped out if my daydream

'w-what's going on?'

i asked unsure of why she was waving at me frantically

'oh its just that youve been staring at me for the past 10minuets'

'haha I didn't realise with being here so often Im used to dosing off'

'its okay but I think she's ready for us soon'

'okay' and with that we both got called In and took a seat 
*after the lecture about talking,blah-blah-blah*
We both got sent home for the day but I already knew how it should i say who I was going to spend my day with;) 
Courtney's POV
'Urm Courtney'

'yeah juju?'

Juju was the pet name I had giving him

'urm I was wondering since we both have the rest if the day off and everyone else is at school you wanna come round to mine in about an hour and we'l have a catch up considering I didn't see you this weekend?'

'Oh yeah sure ill get ready and stuff and ill be round'

me and justin only lived a few minuets away from each other so we always go round to each others house. Justin was like my best friend I could tell him anything,I could be angry and he knew how to make me happy. He is perfect we'll he WAS until he started to hang around and get close to that selena girl..how I hated her. She made my blood boil and made my hes feel like it was going to explode with all the anger and hate for her.i never used to feel this way about her,I actually use to like her but ever since she cheated in justin and then laughed in his face and made fun of him.she crossed the line and very soon I was going to loose my temper with her and do something I reget so everytime I see her I have to bite my lip or leave the room because I know that I'm going to do something stupid her fake ass!!!

I don't hate selena or anyone I mention in the movella it's just for the story and btw I'm a massive belieber:) 

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