Happy ever after?

Have you ever wondered what it might be like to be the most prettiest and popular girl in town?
Going to school with justin bieber?
But as you read on more you realise some of the struggles that you might face as a consequence of having this title..


7. Am i dreaming?

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sorry for all the spelling mistakes.


Justin's POV

i got ready as fastas i could because i wanted to spend as much time as i could with courtney. I finished my daily routine of showering,styling my hair,choosing an outfit because i had to look nice so i could impress her more.

As i pulled up to Courtney's house and parked my all black range rover on her drive.

I walked over to her front doorand hesitated to knock for a second but then knocked anyway,no body anwsered which was wierd so i checked to see if the door was open and it was so i walked inside checking to see if anybody was home.

J:Courtney? Courtney are you here? i called out but still no body anwsered.

I made my way up the stairs and headed towards Courtneys room. I slowly opened thedoor to find courtney fast asleep on her bed cuddling her pillow i slowly steped in and closed the door behind me making sure it didnt bang and wake her up.

i made my way over to the bed and gently sat on it stroking her forhead with the middle of my thumb she looked like an angelwho fell from heaven and forgot how to fly.i started to hum a sing in my head and i was stroking her forhead. She started to figit so i stood up and just watched her as she started to maked noise's.


Courtney's POV

I woke up and felt someone slowly making circle on my forhead and a faint humming noise, It was so soothingbut wait, Who is stroking my head and humming?

Ipeeped my eye open enough to see who it was but not enough for them to know i was awake so like a squint. Ilooked at who it was and mentally smirked to myself when i saw Justin's face because of course if i smiled he would of known i was awake! Time to have some fun with Bieber;)

I started groaning and calling justins name, if yu hadnt caught n to my plan i was pretending to dream about justin..Genius i know!

Anyway i started to say him name louder and groun more i could feel his eyes on me, I was so close to craking up and laughing but if i did that i would be busted.


Justin's POV

I just stood there and watched her and tried my very best not laugh. As i watched her she started to shout my name so i went over and was just about her what she wantedbut then realised she was still sleeping.


i was quite enjoying watching her as she practically screamed my name but i was getting to excited and i eaither had to wake her up or leave the room and i was definatly not leaving the room but before i woke her up i grabbed my phone and video recorded her for about 30 seconds and then decided to wake her up and see if she remembers anything from her shall we say amazing dream that she was having!

I walked over to her and grabed hold of the blanket she was wraped up in and pulled it back.wow.

she had a matching victoria secret bra and underwear not just any underwear though, she was wearing thongs!!   ive seen her body before but wow, i placed my hands on her curved hips and gently crawled on top of her i started to kiss her lips and she began to wake up. i had a massive grin on my face and she had a small smile on her


Courtney's POV

He sat on top of me an gently began to kiss me i tired to not kiss back because if i did he would know im awake i acted to wake up and he had a massive girn on his face so i acted as though i didnt know why he was so happy.

i pushed him off me and rolle out of bed. I felt unusually cold and then i hearda wolf whistle by justin as i turned around to see him starting at my bum. I looked down and saw that i was only in my bra and underwear, wait though i remembered i had thong on. Oh no!!! i took my pj's off after calling justin because i was to hot and breaking a sweat,it what i always do if im hot and cant sleep it cools me down instantly!

i qiuckly ran into my en suit and grabed a towel and wrapped it around my body. i was so embaressed even thought justins seen everything before;)

i slowly walked back into my room not taking my eyes off the floor because i was so so so so so so so embaressed my checks where rosy in colour from blushing.

i headed towards my walk in wardrobe and was about to open my door that seperated my room from the walk in wardrobe when justin started to speak.

J:aw,why you have to cover up for?i was enjoying the view he said in quite a cocky but proud tone

C:Justin,omg im so embaressed! i stated lifting my head from the floor to meet with justins eyes but then soon retreated them back to the floor

J:Why areyou embaressed its not like i havent seen your perfect body before! still using the same cocky but proud tone

C:I know but ive put on weight and so im self-contious about my body. i said as a wisper.


i didnt thinkhe heardme so i was just going to make something up but i forgot that justin has really good hearing and has probably just heard what i said, OH POOOOO!!! i mentally face palmed myself for not thinking before i speak.

J:WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?!?! he said sternly making me jump a little because i wasnt expecting him to react like that!

C:Nothing.. i flashed him a fake smile and knew that he didnt believe me

J:Dont you ever say that again about your body, it is perfect in every single way,there is not one flaw anywhere across your whole body. I love your body and love staring at your body, i dont know why you feel self-contious because you have a figure that any girl would die to have.

I started to blush but shakeing my head in dissagrement as i didnt agree with him but he saw me shaking my head so he stoped talking and walked over towards where i was standing.





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