My biggest fear

I was a girl afraid of talking to boys because
They always broke me or bullied me but on a day
I met justin and he was the greatest guy in the world
I was falling in love but with a big fear that he would break my heart


5. the truth

Justin's p.o.v

she ran to the bathroom and i heard her crying i only knew her for a few ours but i already loved her so much. i noticed that there was something wrong and she thought she couldn't trust me but she could trust me . i walked to the bathroom and knocked on the door Isabella!! i said please open the door so we can talk. i heard that she started to cry harder and picked something up i knew what she was doing she is going to cut herself or worse i knew some people who did it so. i knocked harder on the door "Please open the door'' i heard no response what could i do?!?! then i remember i had the key of the bathroom because it was a old hotel so the door was locked with keys when i opened the door i saw her sitting with blood on her wrist and the knife in her hands i started crying.

Isabel's p.o.v

i heard Justin knocking on the door he couldn't stop me  i placed the knife on my wrist and made a cut i pointed the knife at my chest when the door opened i looked at Justin and saw he started crying i dropped the knife and fell on the floor crying harder. justin ran to me and hugged me 

shh its alright come with me and tell everything- justin

*started crying again*

j-justin don't cry -Isabel

please tell me why did you do that - Justin

i just didn't want to live anymore because .. - isabel

tell me - Justin

i told him everything about Jason and the rape and about the bulling he hugged me and said i will protect you just promise one thing that you don't cut anymore. i promise i said he walked to the couch and i sat next to him still crying a little.

shh dont cry just i hate to see you crying please smile -justin

i looked into his eyes and smiled then i fell asleep in his arms.



sorry for not updating for so long and for the short chapter in the evening i will update more pleaase like favorite and comment thanks for reading xoxox


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