My biggest fear

I was a girl afraid of talking to boys because
They always broke me or bullied me but on a day
I met justin and he was the greatest guy in the world
I was falling in love but with a big fear that he would break my heart


6. singing

 Justin's p.o,v

she laid in my arms sleep i looked at her she was so beautiful why would anyone hurt her so much? her short  blond hair was just perfect and the her lips soft and pink she had glasses but i really think it looks good on her  i picked my phone out of my pocket and made a picture so that i kept this memory forever. i logged in on twitter and tweeted this:

@justinbieber: my new friend don't you think she is pretty ? i want all my Beliebers to tweet @itsmeIsabel that she is pretty 

i turned off my phone before it was starting to blow up because of all the  messages..


Isabel's p.o.v

i woke up in Justin's arms and saw him looking at me . i smiled at him

Justin - hey sweetie 

Isabel - hey justy

Justin - justy? i like that i should give you a nick name what about izzy ?

Isabel - that sounds cool!!

Justin- would you like to come to my concert tonight

Isabel - i would love too!!! OMG i'm going to JUSTIN BIEBERS CONCERT!!!!!!

Justin - Isabel? why are you freaking out 

Isabel- didn't i tell you i am a huge belieber!  i laughed harder

Justin - no you didn't but i like it whats your favorite song of mine ?

Isabel - eh i know its an old song but i really love common denominator its just so beautiful and as long as you love me i totally love that song .

i looked at him and started singing .:

Just a fraction off you're love
Fills the air,
And I fall in love with you,
All over again,

You're the light that feeds the sun,
In my world,
I'd faced a thousand years of pain
For my girl.

Out of all the things in life,
That I could fear,
The only thing that would hurt me,
Is if you weren't here,

I don't want to go back
To just being one half ,of the equation.
You understand what i'm sayin'?

Girl without you I'm lost
Can't fix this compass at heart
Between me and love
You're the common denominator

Oh, Oh, Ohh, Oh
You're the common denominator
Oh, oh , oh oh

when i finished he looked at me with big eyes


Justin - wow you sing so good just wow where did you learn that ?

Isabel- i always love singing i didn't learn anything 


Justin's P.O.V

she sang so beautiful i would sing common denominator just for her tonight i normally don't do that cause its my believe tour but because she loves it so much i will sing it and i got another suprise i think she deserves........


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